Hvilken moms gjelder til solgte varer av ClickforBlinds.com?

The following note refers to VAT that is required to be paid by customers who reside in the territory of the European Union - EU.
Consumers and non-vat businesses pay vat included in our prices like with any domestic purchases they make locally. Most other businesses (vat-registered businesses) pay net prices (0% Vat) and are subject to vat on our goods in their own country. Since ClickforBlinds.com is based in Poland, the VAT applied to our goods is 23.0%. Whether you pay vat inclusive or vat exclusive prices, is dependant on your Customer's Vat Status at this site. The default status is Standard Vat Status - with prices including Vat. This can be changed to Special 0% Vat Status through supplying your valid Vat Registration Number. The supplied Vat Number is then verified by us via fax to avoid possible tax consequences - we are also obliged to report to our local Tax Office all 0% vat sales made to EU businesses.
If you DO NOT live in a European Union member country you are subject to different regulations. At present we do not supply goods outside EU.

The simplest way to be sure that you are viewing the prices that would apply to you is to create a member account. Once you have created your account, all you have to do is log into your account when you visit the store and you will automatically be shown prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT - depending on the data supplied for your account. Please, note that your Special 0% Vat Status depends solely on the business data supplied for the 'primary address' - if you add additional address - like private address - and change its status to 'primary address' you will be able to purchase at standard prices (inc VAT). We recommed doing this for example for Samples Orders (no need to report small 0% VAT sales/purchases).

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