Attention COVID-19

Due to the current global situation caused by the spread of virus COVID-19 we would like to share the most important information about the situation in Poland which may eventually affect our cooperation.

Since 13.03.2020 the state of epidemic emergency has been introduced. Crossing the Polish border has been restricted, all our citizens returning to Poland, are put into 14 day quarantine. Foreigners are not allowed to enter our country unless they have a valid work permit. For now, these circumstances are predicted to persist for at least 10 upcoming days starting 15.03.2020.

However, international goods are transported normally - no restrictions have been introduced and drivers are not quarantined. That is why our products ship regularly. At the same time, we would like to inform you that there may occur some transport disruptions caused by controls or queues at other countries' borders.

Special procedures have been introduced in our production facilities to reduce the risk of employees being infected by the virus. Some of our employees work from home. Despite this situation, our customer service is here to help. We make every effort to ensure that all orders placed are processed in accordance with the deadlines.

Last but not least, we need to say that we appreciate all important updates about the matters related to the virus in your countries. Current situation is very dynamic, governments of individual countries make individual decisions therefore, a quick exchange of information will be very helpful. In such unique situation for all of us, we look forward to your understanding and close cooperation.

Sample shipping
Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, overboard flights are banned in some countries hence, the postal company in Poland is not able to deliver our samples anymore. Therefore, we are forced to withdraw postal shipping option form our website. From now on, in certain countries, the samples can be shipped only by courier company DPD.