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Blackout Roman Blinds

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Blackout Roman blinds – a guarantee of the best choice

If you are looking for functional window coverings and cannot decide between roller blinds and curtains, a perfect compromise for both solutions is a blackout Roman blind. Due to the use of fabric and its extremely aesthetic appearance, it will look beautiful, as good as curtains. The special blackout design will protect you from natural light, the glare of lampposts, or cars, guaranteeing blackout even in the middle of a sunny day. In addition, blackout roller blinds are also an excellent way to regulate the temperature of interior spaces – the coverings prevent the rooms from heat build-up and ensure pleasant coolness during hot summer days.

Roman blinds for the bathroom, children’s room, and living room

The Blackout Roman blind is an extremely universal and comprehensive solution that will work well in every space of your home. It is one of the most popular choices for bedrooms, where the right level of shading is crucial to the quality of sleep. This solution will certainly appeal to people who have trouble falling asleep due to the light from the street penetrating the interior or who work shifts and sleep during the day. Internal blackout roller blinds are also an excellent choice for the children’s room. They will make it easier for your child to sleep peacefully at any time of the day or night and prevent the room from heating up during hot weather. With this, your child will always have the right conditions for rest and relaxation.

Are you worried that the Roman blind for the bathroom might not work in a demanding environment that is particularly exposed to humidity? That is not the case! The Roman blind for the bathroom is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, so you can install it even near the shower area without any worries. This solution will also ensure privacy and the right level of comfort, while you can enjoy a long and relaxing bath. Thanks to the above-mentioned functionalities, blackout blinds can also be installed in the kitchen, where they will maintain an impeccable appearance for many years.

White, black, or grey Roman blind – how to match the blind with the interior design?

Furnishing a new flat? Perhaps you want to refresh an unfashionable and uninteresting arrangement? Properly selected blackout Roman blinds will help you create a striking decor that will delight with its original look. You can choose from a wide array of models, designs, and colours – such a variety will certainly meet all your expectations and enhance any interior style. Grey Roman blinds will perfectly fit to arrangements inspired by the Scandinavian style – with simple furniture and wooden parquet they will create a coherent, harmonious space that will delight with its unique character. Grey Roman blinds are also an excellent solution for interiors inspired by the industrial atmosphere – the cold shade of anthracite will match the austere look of the interior, and the fabric will create a cosier effect. For artistic boho-style bedroom decorations choose a white Roman blind, and for avant-garde interiors with an original look opt for a black Roman blind.

When buying your dream Roman blinds for the living room or bedroom, it is worth taking into account the colour of other textiles in the room to achieve aesthetic and visual harmony. A white Roman blind will go best with light-coloured sofas and carpets, while a black Roman blind will match with carpets and cushions in dark, intense colours.

Made-to-measure blackout blinds – for your comfort and convenience

Made-to-measure Blackout Roman blinds can be adjusted to any window space. You can easily choose sizes that will fit to both small kitchen windows and balcony doors with large glazed areas. By choosing non-invasive Roman blinds, you can be sure that you can easily handle the installation yourself, which will save your precious time.

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