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Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric Vertical blinds come in multiple colors and 2 louver widths: 89mm and 127mm. They are lightweight and thus a great choice for large windows and balcony entrance. Vertical blinds enable easy and flexible light control and high measure of privacy.

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What distinguishes fabric vertical blinds?

Fabric vertical blinds, as opposed to blackout blinds, shield against the sun rays, providing a gentle light diffusion effect. With their simple control mechanism, it is possible to quickly change the angle of the slats and precisely adjust the amount of light that penetrates the room. The direction of the incoming light can be changed depending on your preferences and the time of day. Its exceptional lightness makes the vertical blind extremely easy to operate. The blind will successfully replace traditional curtains. Moreover, it will provide us with privacy, creating a comfortable environment for rest and relaxation.

What is the use of fabric vertical blinds?

Vertical window blinds are perfect for large glazed areas, which increasingly often appear in modern architectural designs. The possibility to choose products with custom sizes makes it easy to fit them to any window or balcony door. Vertical blinds are also often used as room dividers or even as doors. The coverings can be installed not only in residential interiors; vertical blinds for offices, hotels, restaurants, or clothing boutiques are also extremely popular.

Internal window blinds made of fabric – a simple way to create a stylish interior

Internal vertical blinds are a unique combination of the exceptional functionality and designer look, which delights with its original and chic character. Do you value minimalist solutions and simplicity of form? Perhaps you are a fan of sophisticated, elegant decors? Regardless of your preferences, from the wide range of patterns, models, and colours, you will certainly choose the blinds of your dreams and easily adapt them to any arrangement.

Fabric vertical blinds are a perfect choice for interiors inspired by the timeless retro style. The intense vivid colours of bottle green, navy blue, and burgundy will look beautiful in richly decorated art deco arrangements. Indigo and anthracite colours will emphasise the romantic character of interiors decorated in the noir style. Vertical striped blinds made offabric will be great in modern design styles either. Light grey and mustard shades are an excellent choice for Scandinavian decors – they will harmonise with other decorative elements and create a coherent, harmonious whole. If you want to decorate the window space by the terrace, choose the vertical balcony blind in bright colours – it will illuminate the interior and give it a cosy look.

How to choose vertical striped blinds?

When buying your dream fabric vertical blinds, you should first of all pay attention to the specifics and size of your window space and the planned method of installation. If you intend to install the blinds inside the window recess, it is worth subtracting a few millimetres from the length of the recess – this will leave enough space and allow you to install the blinds easily. The same principle should also be applied to the length of the coverings – for them to hang freely above the floor, this dimension should be reduced by an appropriate value. The colour of vertical blinds also deserves attention – it can significantly affect the appearance of the whole interior. Bright stripes are a great choice for small, cramped spaces – they effectively “lengthen” the interior and will make it visually more spacious. Dark shades will work better in large spaces, giving them definition and a romantic look.

Internal vertical blinds – additional benefits

Fabric vertical blinds are particularly easy to clean and can also be used in the rooms of people suffering from allergies. Unlike curtains and drapes, vertical blinds do not collect as much dust and do not require washing, and simple maintenance is pleasant and does not take much time. In addition, fabric vertical blinds are easy to install and affordable.

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