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Bamboo blinds

Our Bamboo Venetian Blinds are made of natural bamboo material crafted to slim and thin slats - they are thin at 2mm but very strong. Unlike wooden venetian blinds, they are super matt finish, which gives them distingished touch. The overall effect will be NATURE present in your interior!
Like other venetian blinds, our bamboo venetians will allow full control of the sunlight coming through your window. They are practical and user-friendly too as they are resistant to humidity and water, and will not react by twisting or bending even if fitted in bathroom or kitchen window.

Made-to-measure bamboo Venetian blinds – to any interior

Bamboo Venetian blinds are an extremely universal solution that will work well in every room. The most obvious application seems to be in the living and bedroom interiors, where the blinds protect from the sun rays and provide comfort and privacy. Yet, bamboo Venetian blinds are also used in spaces particularly exposed to humidity and temperature changes. You can therefore successfully install such covers on windows near the bathtub and shower or kitchen sink – bamboo does not deform under the influence of water and steam, and you will enjoy the flawless appearance of blinds for many years. The resistance to water also significantly facilitates maintenance activities and makes the cleaning of bamboo Venetian blinds pleasant and saves a lot of your valuable time.

In addition, bamboo Venetian blinds are among the lightest window coverings, which makes them much easier to control and their installation will not weigh down the window or wall. Therefore, you can easily install them even on a small bathroom window, where they will not take up much space and will not overwhelm the small interior.

Bamboo Venetian blinds – the essence of style and elegance

If you are looking for window coverings that will warm up dull and uncosy interiors and will make you think of holidays in faraway tropics, choose bamboo Venetian blinds. This solution is a perfect complement to arrangements inspired by exotic and oriental influences. The original design is sure to appeal to fans of the eclectic boho and colonial style. The bamboo will look great against earthy tones and will create a cohesive visual concept with other elements made of natural materials. To achieve a delightful effect, the bamboo Venetian blind should be combined with wicker furniture, thick Persian rugs, and woven macramé. This will be greatly complemented by rattan pots, green plant accents, and fabrics in ethnic patterns.

Contrary to what might seem, the bamboo Venetian blind is also an excellent decorative component of austere minimalist decors and richly decorated, elegant spaces. Depending on the aesthetic composition used, bamboo can give an arrangement a timeless chic or emphasise its unique, original character. From the wide selection of models and colours available, you can be sure to find bamboo Venetian blinds that will add splendour to any interior of your home.

Choose internal bamboo Venetian blinds and take care of the environment

When choosing decorative elements, do you pay attention not only to their functionality and aesthetics but also to the welfare of the environment? Your expectations in every respect will be met by bamboo Venetian blinds. This solution is extremely popular among environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for substitutes for covers made of synthetic materials. As a completely natural, widely available, and rapidly renewable resource, bamboo is a completely environmentally-friendly choice.

Bamboo Venetian blinds for balcony doors – a unique combination of practical and aesthetic functions

Made-to-measure bamboo Venetian blinds are a solution that will be perfect for the window spaces at the balcony or terrace. The possibility to choose custom sizes allows the coverings to be adapted to both large terrace windows as well as to doors with non-standard glazing sizes. Bamboo Venetian blinds for balcony doors play an important role in controlling the temperature in the interior – providing pleasant coolness in the summer and protecting against heat loss in the winter season. Bamboo effectively filters the sun rays to provide adequate shade and the controllable slats allow you to regulate the amount of light entering the room. What is more, the use of uniform bamboo Venetian blinds for balcony doors and windows will allow you to achieve a coherent and harmonious composition that will delight you with its beautiful appearance.

Bamboo blinds – perfect blinds for every interior

As a bestselling product, bamboo blinds offer nearly everything you want from window covering. Thanks to the slats made from natural bamboo you gain sun protection with a control system giving full control over the amount of light let into the interior, durability and privacy.  That is why they found a place in many interiors also as window decorations. Bamboo blinds will work fine in every room, from living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms to bathrooms, thanks to their natural design and elegant, matt look of slats.

That is why they are often compared to wooden blinds but if you look for products for wet and humid interiors then perfect match will be bamboo blinds made from natural bamboo wood. Bamboo slats are durable and assure top-quality thanks to being made from bamboo which is water resistant wood which makes them one of the best products at the market.

Bamboo blinds – made-to-measure blinds from natural bamboo wood

Blinds for small, narrow or large and wide windows? Don’t worry – on ClickforBlinds we offer an extensive range of sizes (from small to XXL wide) and collections. You can decorate windows wide up to 300 cm. You can also select slats width (35mm slat width, 50mm and 65mm) with additional features. We offer cloth tapes instead of cord with multiple colours collection, side guiding and many others for your made-to-measure bamboo blinds! If you want popular and classy solution pick black or white bamboo blinds – they will fit every type of interior!

Looking for an exclusive and unique product at great prices? Check special collection of bamboo blinds RETRO with external retro mechanism making them a classic and elegant addition to your interiors. You will find suitable bamboo blinds in our offer – we have the most extensive bamboo collections in terms of colours, sizes and extra features!

Bamboo blinds – choose high quality and cheap products!

Bamboo blinds are one of the most popular window coverings. They are often a better solution than bamboo roller blinds thanks to their open/close system. It can be used not only to move the blinds up and down but also to tilt so you can let as much sunlight as you need. It also assures more privacy control. Their natural look and matt finish makes them look more modern, elegant and exclusive than aluminium or PVC blinds – however, bamboo blinds are quite cheap. That is why people choose them more and more often – they are a great combination of value for money, quality and design.

Bamboo blinds will be a great window decoration choice for even most demanding interiors. Bamboo slats are natural and elegant - these products also assure long-term incredible experience as bamboo is a durable wood.

Bamboo blinds – extensive offer of blinds and additional features

ClickforBlinds offers a vast range of bamboo horizontal blinds with wide options of customization for your made-to-measure window coverings. First of all, prepare the right dimensions (height, width) which are essential for your selected product. If you need help with the measuring the dimensions – check our measurement section where you will find tips and instructions on how to check height and width properly.

The final price for your bamboo blinds is presented after you finish configuring your order. Remember that you also select mounting setup, you can even choose the colour of the brackets! ClickforBlinds is the perfect place if you need new bamboo blinds as we offer attractive prices and products straight from the factory!

Why bamboo blinds from ClickForBlinds?

Do you want to buy online bamboo blinds? ClickForBlinds is a leading online shop for made-to-measure window coverings. We offer free samples – you can check real material, its colour, texture and design. You will also get free delivery for the whole EU – straight to your door.

When you order with us – you will get your products quickly. We offer fast delivery to your doors, only 6-9 workdays for most of the products! This is a really competitive delivery times as we offer fully made-to-measure products. It means we only start production after you order your blinds.

We specialise in bamboo blinds. We offer extensive collections of window coverings made from bamboo. In terms of the slat size, you can buy most popular 50mm bamboo blinds but also 65mm and 35mm bamboo blinds. They will look great on every window!

We also have exclusive RETRO collections – they have external mechanisms. They look classy and stylish – combination of bamboo slats and RETRO components make it a perfect choice for more classical interiors.

Do you have any questions – we are happy to help you make a decision! Feel free to contact us at!


1. Which is better - bamboo blinds or wooden blinds?
Bamboo blinds and wooden blinds are a perfect match for many interiors thanks to being made from natural wood and unique and elegant design. These blinds can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms and others assuring sun protection and privacy. For wet and humid environments like bathrooms or kitchens bamboo blinds will be a better choice due to their water and moisture resistance as bamboo slats are more durable than wooden slats. For other rooms – the choice is really yours. We can see that bamboo blinds are becoming more popular recently as their slats are matt and natural and they fit amazingly well modern and Scandinavian interiors and large windows. If you’re not sure, order our free samples to see for yourself!
2. Can bamboo blinds be shortened?
Bamboo blinds can be shortened. Don’t do it by yourself, especially during the warranty period which automatically expires if you do something wrong – then you would have to order a new blind. We are happy to help you and to shorten blinds (both width and height) if for an extra fee. Remember, if the blind that you order is too narrow – we cannot extend it which means you would have to order a new blind. If the blind is too short in terms of height, we can extend it by adding new slats – we are happy to assist you but it costs an extra fee. Contact us directly if you have any issues – we are here to help you!
3. Are bamboo blinds transparent?
Bamboo blinds offer a great sun control system, if you need to stop sunlight you close bamboo blinds. Thanks to bamboo slats you can also tilt them to put a controlled amount of sunlight into your interiors. They are the perfect solution as window coverings with vast options of configuring as made-to-measure products.
4. Where can I buy bamboo blinds?
Check ClickforBlinds offer. As a shop with over 15 years of experience with an assortment such as wooden blinds, bamboo blinds, aluminium blinds and PVC blinds. Select from many products with such customisation options as slats width (35mm, 50mm and 65mm slats width), cloth tapes as many more. Use our online configurator to visualize your perfect product!
5. Can you shorten the width of the blinds?
Yes, it is possible – and we do it for our customers! If your order has too wide blind slats you can send them back to us, as we can cut them for specified fee. That is why measurement is crucial for ordering the right size of the product. Check in our measure section on how to do it properly – and don’t worry, it is really simple!
6. How do you shorten slats?
You will need special tools like a professional cutting saw to shorten slats – we do not recommend doing this, even if you have required equipment. There are many aspects of bamboo blinds that need to be considered. We are happy to help you if you need to shorten the blinds – contact us for more details. The important thing is to measure and put right dimension (height and width) into configurator. That will prevent any problem with size of the ordered blinds.
7. How much do bamboo blinds cost?
There is no one price for bamboo blinds, everything depends on such factors as selected slats width, blind size and additional features. Pick cloth tapes instead of ladder tape with multiple colours available, add side guiding and many others to prepare made-to-measure blinds. After you will finish you have your final cost displayed on the screen.

In general, bamboo blinds are cheap for the quality they provide. Natural wood and elegant look of the matt finished slats make them a great choice for people looking for high quality product at attractive prices. Wooden blinds are slightly more expensive while aluminium and faux-wood blinds will be cheaper – but their look is also inferior when compared to bamboo blinds

8. Can bamboo blinds withstand water?
Bamboo blinds are water and humid-resistant so they will withstand contact with water. That is why they are so popular because of their natural design that suits every interior and durability which makes them the perfect pick for demanding places like bathrooms and kitchens. However, if they are regularly splashed with water (e.g. blinds very close to the shower) then naturally their resistance may be lower. Select bamboo blinds with vast customisation options at ClickforBlinds and enjoy the made-to-measure products in your interiors!
9. Can bamboo blinds be used in the bathroom?
Bamboo blinds can be used in the bathroom. Thanks to their water resistance they are a perfect match for wet and humid interiors. In addition, you gain not the only window covering but also decoration with sun control system and privacy assurance.
10. Which blinds are a good choice for bathroom?
Pick bamboo blinds which offer sun control and assure privacy while they are water resistant. Thanks to slats made from natural bamboo you give exclusive and durable addition to your bathroom. ClickforBlinds offers made-to-measure bamboo blinds
11. Can wooden blinds in bathroom?
Wooden blinds are a great pick for most of the interiors thanks to their slats made from real wood and natural design. Unfortunately, they won’t be the best pick for bathrooms, especially the ones with a lot of water and steam exposure. If you want natural window coverings for the bathroom pick bamboo blinds, which are a stylish and durable solution for your bathroom.
12. How do you clean bamboo blinds?
If you want to clean bamboo blinds use soft, clean fabric or cloth or feather duster to take all the dust from it. You can use wet tissues to wipe all dirt from the blinds – but not with detergents so that the slats do not lose their colour. You don’t have to use water to clean them.
13. Why bamboo blinds?
Bamboo blinds are a perfect match for every interior. Their slats made from natural bamboo wood thanks to their unique design and durability can be an ideal choice for window covering. Slats have matt finish and natural design – it will give a warm and natural addition to your interior. Additionally, bamboo blinds are gaining popularity as they look great in modern and Scandinavian interiors. Selecting bamboo blinds gives you option to choose 35mm slats, 50mm slats or 65mm ones – all depending on your requirements. Bamboo blinds are fully made-to-measure products – you can customize them and create a unique solution for your windows. Check our offer of bamboo blinds on ClickforBlinds!
14. Can wooden blinds withstand the sun?
Wooden blinds will withstand the sun. Check our special collection of wooden blinds Abachi, their slats are made from African abachi wood recommended for interiors with high sun exposure. They will give unique and natural accents to your interiors. Bamboo blinds are also a great solution for place with a lot of sun exposure – check our bamboo wood blinds collections!
15. What are standard sizes of blinds?
As ClickforBlinds we offer blinds for small, narrow windows and also for the large windows and XXL wide. If you need bamboo blinds you can order products up to nearly 300 cm in width – they look great on large windows! That is why you can prepare ideal bamboo for nearly every window. Remember about taking proper measurements – we offer fully made-to-measure bamboo blinds!
16. How to install a bamboo blind?
There are many ways of mounting bamboo blinds. If you order venetian bamboo blinds you can select brackets for putting them on the walls, ceiling, mounted upwards or thanks to the non-invasive system you can mount them on window frames without drilling.
17. Which blind for a living room?
Looking for a stylish, high quality and durable window coverings for the living room? Pick wooden blinds or bamboo blinds. They will be a perfect match thanks to their natural and unique design with a vast selection of customisation options. Bamboo blinds offer also water and moisture resistance, which is a benefit when using them for humid areas. Select wooden or bamboo blinds from ClickforBlinds to have make-to-measure perfect window coverings!
18. Which blind for a French window?
French windows as unique element of the house deserve the best window covering. Check venetian blinds as a long-term, exclusive and durable solution for every interior beating roller blinds which are cheaper and less elegant solution. Thanks to vast customisation options with slats width, mounting options, cloth tapes and others you can configure made-to-measure blinds for French window!
19. What are the different types of interior blinds?
You can select from many types of interior blinds beginning from venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds and others available on ClickforBlinds. Every product is available with a wide selection of customisation options – we offer only made-to-measure window coverings.
20. Which blind against the heat?
Venetian blinds will be a great choice if you are looking to limit heat with window coverings. Select wooden, bamboo, aluminium, faux-wood or wood-effect venetians from ClickforBlinds. Thanks to their sun control system and privacy assurance they will be the perfect covering for every window. Additionally, you can customise them with a lot of different options to create a great design for your window. However, remember that only external blinds will fully protect you from the heat (shutters, external venetian blinds) – venetian blinds will help you to reduce the heat but will not significantly stop it.
21. What type of blind in a room?
Check high-quality venetian blinds available on ClickforBlinds with vast customisation options. Select blinds made from real wood, bamboo, aluminium or PVC offering privacy and easy sunlight control will be a perfect match for every room. Natural blinds such as bamboo blinds will be a good choice even for wet and humid interiors, thanks to their durability.

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