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Wood-Effect Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds with wood looks. Proved durability and undisturbed performance. The right choice for bathrooms and kitchens whose natural humidity may injure real wood blinds. Look as great as real wooden venetian blinds.

Wood-effect Venetian blinds – a perfect alternative to natural wood

Wood-effect Venetian blinds are one of the most frequently selected types of window coverings, in which the slats are covered with an aluminium layer imitating the look and texture of natural wood. This is an extremely durable and robust solution, which, unlike natural material, has a high resistance to temperature changes and humidity. With these qualities, wood-effect aluminium Venetian blinds will add splendour not only to the interiors of living rooms and bedrooms, but will also work perfectly well in the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Internal wood-effect Venetian blinds – a unique combination of functionality and exceptional look

Wood-effect aluminium Venetian blinds are a unique combination of useful functions and the highest aesthetic standard. The application of this solution significantly increases the comfort of the room and makes home relaxation even more pleasant. Aluminium provides adequate thermal insulation, protecting against heat loss in winter and high temperatures in summer. Moreover, apart from their basic role, which is shading the interior, wood-effect Venetian blinds ensure protecting privacy of household members, covering the windows from the prying eyes of passers-by or neighbours.

Internal wood-effect Venetian blinds are also an extremely effective decorative element, which will emphasise the character of any interior design. Bright, cool shades imitating pine wood are perfect for Scandinavian style interiors, while warm, chestnut-coloured models will look great in rustic interiors. Whether you are a fan of the minimalist modern style or opt for classic elegance, you can be sure to find the perfect Venetian blind for you from our wide range of models and colours. If you want to achieve a flawless visual effect, choose an internal Venetian blind with a wooden masking frame. The minimalist design forms a harmonious whole with the window frame and creates a pleasant aesthetic impression.

Arrangement of the balcony window space – wood-effect Venetian blinds for doors

Balcony doors, due to their non-standard size and method of opening, often pose a problem when it comes to choosing the right window covering. What is more, because they take up a considerable amount of space, they are one of the main points of natural lighting in the house. Although in the winter months we may not need protection from the sunlight, in the summer heat an adequate shade can be beneficial for maintaining a comfortable temperature and allows for convenient use of screens of electrical devices, eliminating annoying reflections and glares. The solution to the above-mentioned problems is provided by the wood-effect Venetian blinds for doors, which can be easily adjusted to your needs and will allow you to control the amount of light penetrating the interiors. This type of window covering is also offered in a number of models designed for modern balcony door opening systems – therefore, by choosing wood blindsfor sliding doors you can easily use your terrace space.

Wood-effect Venetian blinds for windows – a guarantee of the highest quality

Wood-effect Venetian blinds are a long-term investment, which ensures exceptional durability and the perfect appearance of the product even in case of frequent and demanding use. The top-quality material will work well in both residential and office spaces. The blind structure has been specifically designed to facilitate the installation, use, and maintenance. Reliable control mechanisms – both manual and automatic – are a guarantee of proper functioning. Moreover, interior wood-effect Venetian blinds show our highest attention to detail, manifested in keeping consistent aesthetic standards in the execution of equipment elements. Both the masking frame of the top and bottom rail and the turning knob are made of wood.

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