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Wooden Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds are one of the best window covering product on the market today. The feel and look of wooden venetians gives extra value to modern interiors as well as traditional furnishings. Wooden blinds are made from a renewable source - wood.
The color selection for our line of woodens is better than for our wood-effect aluminium venetians and they also have a much richer look and feel than wood-effect blinds. When shopping for wooden blinds we should remember the benefits of real wood and its inherently natural insulating qualities.
Save money with our line of wooden venetian blinds! Made from 100% North American Hardwood these strong basswood blinds are easy to install, easy to keep clean and backed by a 24-month Factory Warranty.

Choose internal wooden Venetian blinds and enjoy comfort at any time of the year

Wooden Venetian blinds, compared to other window coverings, stand out not only for their excellent protection against the sunlight and greater shading but also for their excellent thermal insulation in every season. In summer, they prevent rooms from heating up and help to maintain a constant temperature. This makes them an ideal choice for bedroom interiors – even in the hottest weather they will keep us pleasantly cool and guarantee the highest quality of sleep. In the winter season, wooden Venetian blinds protect against the loss of heat, providing additional protection against freezing temperatures and contributing to a reduction in heating costs. Wooden Venetian blinds are particularly suitable for balcony doors through which most heat escapes due to the large window area.

Internal wooden Venetian blindsdecoration of any interior

There is a reason why internal wooden Venetian blinds are one of the most popular types of window blinds. They offer an extremely high aesthetic standard, presenting themselves perfectly both in modern and classic interiors. It is a solution that combines a universal character with a unique, flawless visual effect that can dramatically change the look of the entire room. Moreover, the offer of wooden Venetian blinds includes an extremely wide range of models with a rich colour palette and varied slat widths – such a variety will certainly meet all your expectations and needs! White wide wooden Venetian blinds will add splendour to a bedroom furnished in the boho style – they will match the artistic character of the arrangement and create a coherent whole with the remaining elements of the decor. If you want to warm up the interior and give it a cosy, rustic look, choose oak wooden Venetian blinds for the kitchen and make this room the heart of the whole house.

Non-invasive wooden Venetian blinds – ease of operation and installation

Are you thinking about choosing interior wooden Venetian blinds but you want to avoid a difficult installation that will require interference with the structure of the wall or window frame? No worries! Made-to-measure wooden Venetian blinds are a guarantee of a simple, non-invasive installation, which you can successfully do all by yourself, without any professional assistance. Thanks to the use of specialised metal brackets, the wooden Venetian blind can be successfully installed directly on the window frame, completely eliminating the need for drilling.

What is more, wooden Venetian blinds are convenient and comfortable to operate with the use of cords, which allow precise control and enable adjustment of the amount of light entering the interior. The individual shading adjustment is also enabled by the possibility of choosing among four widths of slats – so we can choose wide wooden Venetian blinds that gently filter the sunlight or a model with narrow slats and enjoy complete darkness. Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that your chosen internal wooden Venetian blinds will impress with their impeccable appearance, and you will save your precious time on easy and pleasant care.

Internal wooden Venetian blinds or curtains? Enjoy the benefits of both!

Having trouble choosing the type of window covering? Are you afraid that wooden blinds and curtains will not work well in one window space? That is not the case! The combination of both solutions is an excellent choice that will make everyday use even more functional and fully adapted to your needs. In addition, the application of wooden Venetian blinds and curtains allows achieving the highest aesthetic standard of the interior, creating a coherent decorative component. The wooden Venetian blind will look best in the company of linen and cotton curtains in subdued, uniform shades. The light pine wood is perfectly complemented by the shades of grey, olive green, and soft brown. Wooden roller blinds with a dark, strong colour will go well with curtains in white, beige, and ecru.

Wooden venetian blinds – perfect solution for your windows

Looking for timeless, natural and solid coverings for your windows? Check wooden blinds made from real wood, which assure long-time sun protection and warmth in your interior thanks to wooden slats. They also provide the right level of privacy in your home which you can adjust any time you want. Wooden blinds will assure visibility and sun protection and thanks to being custom-made products can be created in line with your needs.

Wooden horizontal blinds – unique window coverings for your home

Choosing wooden blinds will give your interior a warm feeling as the slats are made from basswood, abachi and other types of wood. It all guarantees long-time functionality and the right level of a mix of sun protection and privacy control.

Are you looking for unique interior blinds? Pick high-quality wooden blinds available in many special collections. Exclusive Abachi collection are wooden blinds made from African abachi wood, which guarantees long-time performance. They will be perfect in a room with high sun exposure, providing a natural accent to your interior.

Another premium pick will be Rustica collection with brushed slats, which gives them a more natural look and real wood structure. They will perfectly fit into natural and rustical interiors giving them a luxurious look. Looking for a more traditional solution for your window covering? Check Retro collection which offers a unique old-time style of mechanisms which are visible from the outside. These products will be a good match for living rooms or bedrooms as well as office areas.

If you want to have blinds with special structure on slats check Select collection with a special structure on the slats, resembling real wood grain! Unique and stylish blinds? Then check Vintage collection made from real wood. Basswood which is the material for the blind goes through special treatment in a wood slat factory to produce the effect of old fashion look in very natural wood tones.

Want to make your interior more exclusive and looking for a designer-like original solution? Pick Gloss wooden blinds which are a premium product with shiny slats – only in 65mm slat size.

All of the wooden blinds are fully made-to-measure products. It means that you can choose from several slat widths (25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 65mm). You can also customise your product by adding cloth tapes (also called ladder tapes), valance, side guiding and many others. Select also from many colours, motives and patterns add non-invasive brackets and order your custom-made wooden blinds to make your home special!

Do not worry about sizes. Wooden blinds can be put on small and large windows to assure light control in your interiors. You can select even up to 360 cm in width for selected colours of the 50mm and 65mm wooden collections.

Wooden blinds – the most popular choice on the market!

Wooden blinds are the bestselling blinds thanks to their properties. They give a great natural effect, which is better than aluminium, PVC blinds or wood effect blinds. Wooden blinds and bamboo blinds are the two most popular blind products on the market. They both are made from natural wood and are also a great and natural addition to many interiors. But wooden blinds with special collections like Abachi are unique and special as window covering. You also have more options to choose from as we offer numerous niche collections like Rustica and different types of wood like African Abachi. Of course, you can use them in many places such as the living room or bedroom as they are best for rather dry environments. We offer white and black wooden blinds as a timeless and stylish solution for most interiors.­­ Make ideal made-to-measure blinds thanks to multiple customisation options such as adding ladder tapes. Select from 10mm, 25mm or 38mm cloth tape size and over 50 colours. They will make your blinds special and unique – you can match the cloth tape colours to other furniture in the room – adding to the style of the place.

Wooden blinds – buy high-quality and window coverings at the right price from ClickforBlinds

ClickforBlinds offers a wide selection of one of the highest quality wooden blinds on the market with vast customisation options in an online configurator. They are also cheap as you buy directly from the factory! You can configure your order to match the size of your window, the colour of the slats, slat width and, if you want, add extra features. While doing this, our configurator will show you the price and how much each addition costs – we provide full transparency!

We offer free delivery across the EU so you can make orders and we will bring them to your door. Check also free samples which can help with selecting the right colours for your interior. On ClickforBlinds we are experts in real wooden blinds offering not only basswood but also unique abachi products. They will assure control over visibility, brightness and sun protection in your room. Our wooden blinds are one of the cheapest basswood products on the market still offering high quality and non-disturbing performance. Don’t hesitate and select one of the bestselling products and see yourself the benefits of having wood in your interior!

Don’t forget to precisely measure windows for wooden blinds. Remember that wooden blinds give a natural and stylish effect which is better than aluminium or PVC blinds. After you prepared your order, you can select many ways of payment for your wooden blinds. Need any advice or have any other questions about orders? Do not hesitate and ask us if you need any help! Do you have any doubts about selecting right blinds? Order free samples that will be sent right to your doors.


1. What type of blinds should I choose?
Select made-to-measure wooden venetian blinds. They assure privacy and sun control systems, helping their users with getting brightness in their interiors. ClickforBlinds offers a wide range of custom-made venetian blinds with many widths (up to 400 cm) and lengths or drop sizes(up to 400 cm).
2. What is the difference between wooden blinds and roller blinds?
Blinds have slats, which give better sun control than roller blinds which can be only opened up and down. Wooden blinds meanwhile can adjust the amount of sun thanks to slats. Also, they are a more stylish and more suitable solution to many interiors than roller blinds.
3. Which wooden blinds are the best?
Select basswood or abachi wooden blinds. Abachi wooden blinds made from African abachi wood will be perfect for a high sun exposure interior. Our wooden blinds are made-to-measure products with vast customisation options such as cloth tapes, plinth and many more.
4. What are the best wooden blinds?
From many wood species available select blinds made from abachi or basswood wood. Abachi blinds made from African abachi wood are perfect for interiors with high sun exposure giving incredible effects not only as a window covering but also as a window decoration. Made from basswood wooden blinds are a perfect solution for every window thanks to their timeless, stylish and natural design.
5. How wide can wooden blinds be?
You can order XXL products even to 360 cm in width for selected colours of 50mm and 65 mm wooden horizontal blinds. This makes them an ideal solution even for very big windows.
6. How long do wooden blinds last?
Wooden blinds are a very durable and timeless solution thanks to wooden slats. They will endure many years if treated properly and put in such spaces as bedrooms, living rooms, offices or children’s rooms.
7. Do I choose standard sizes or custom-made?
There is nothing like standard-size blinds on ClickforBlinds, we offer made-to-measure wooden blinds for small, narrow windows and much larger ones. Begin with measuring the right space for your blinds, do you want to put it on the wall above the window, on the window frame and other methods? You can order even up to 360 cm in width of natural wooden blinds for selected colours and 400 cm in width for aluminium blinds.
8. Which wood for blinds?
You can select from our basswood or abachi wooden blinds. Abachi will be great for windows with high sun exposure. Basswood wooden blinds are also great, with an option to put them into many interiors thanks to their natural and timeless design.
9. What are the different types of blinds?
You can select from various types of blinds. ClickforBlinds offers not only high-quality and custom-made venetian blinds but roman, pleated, vertical, roller and blackout blinds. You can order perfect window covering for every interior from the shop with 15+ years of experience on the market.
10. What type of blind should I put in my kitchen?
The perfect choice will be venetian bamboo blinds. Thanks to their natural, stylish and timeless design they will be not only an ideal window covering but also a window decoration, assuring privacy and brightness in the space. Bamboo blinds are also a great match for every kitchen due to their durability and non-disturbing performance in a wet and humid environment.
11. How to clean wooden blinds easily?
There are many methods for easy cleaning of wooden blinds. First of all, remember to close horizontal slats in one direction. Then, for example, you can take a dry cloth and gently take out dust. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attached or a damp cloth for cleaning stubborn stains or marks.
12. How much does a blackout blind cost?
The price of every blinds is presented after finishing the order. The final cost will depend on the size (width and length/drop), and selected blinds material (wood, bamboo, PVC, aluminium). You can also select additional features like cloth tapes, side guiding and many others! After you will end preparing your desired blackout blind, you will get the price of the selected product.
13. How much do wooden blinds cost?
The price of customised wooden blinds will be presented after you finish configuring your customised wooden blinds. ClickforBlinds offers a wide range of additional features and options like cloth tapes or ladder tapes, side guiding and many others. The final cost will appear after you will finish creating your customised wooden blinds.
14. What does a wooden blind for a patio door cost?
You have to check it in our online configurator. Measure your patio door and check made-to-measure wooden blinds with wide customisation options. You can add extra features to your order, but remember that it will increase the final price!
15. What is the cheapest type of window decoration?
Check out aluminium blinds which are one of the cheapest type of venetian blinds. Although they are very durable and they are a perfect match for many interiors but also like PVC blinds, they won’t give as stylish and natural effects as real wooden or bamboo blinds.
16. Which is more expensive - wooden or aluminium blinds?
Wooden blinds are more expensive than aluminium blinds because they are made from natural wood. Blinds made from real wood will give natural and stylish effects, which makes them an ideal solution for most interiors. You can also check the special collection Abachi, made from African abachi wood ideal for spaces with high sun exposure.
17. How to install blinds without drilling?
If you want to install blinds without drilling, we offer you the option to order special fixings also called non-invasive mounting brackets. You mount them on the window frame without drilling. Remember that this option is only available only for venetian blinds.
18. How do you fix a blind to a fixed window?
You can put blinds on a fixed window by mounting them on the ceiling. You can select from many types of blinds for example venetian blinds with a wide range of sizes even up to 400 cm in width and drop. Check available products like made-to-measure wooden blinds as timeless and stylish window covering and decoration for most of the interiors.
19. Which blind for a Porte-fenêtre?
Select wooden blinds made-to-measure to gain a stylish, natural and timeless addition to your interior. Thanks to their mounting methods and properties like assuring privacy and helping with keeping the right brightness they will be a perfect match for a Porte-fenêtre. Check ClickforBlinds with high-quality made-to-measure venetian blinds made from wood, bamboo, PVC or aluminium to meet all your needs related to the window coverings.
20. What is the difference between ladder tape and ladder string?
Ladder tape or also called cloth tape can be ordered as an additional feature to make your blind different and express creativity and more style. You can pick them to match the colour of the slats or choose completely different ones to make the timeless product. Ladder string let blinds slats rotate to let or block light into your room so they are an essential part of horizontal blinds.

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