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Wooden Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds are one of the best window covering product on the market today. The feel and look of wooden venetians gives extra value to modern interiors as well as traditional furnishings. Wooden blinds are made from a renewable source -- wood.
The color selection for our line of woodens is better than for our wood-effect aluminium venetians and they also have a much richer look and feel than wood-effect blinds. When shopping for wooden blinds we should remember the benefits of real wood and its inherently natural insulating qualities.
Save money with our line of wooden venetian blinds! Made from 100% North American Hardwood these strong basswood blinds are easy to install, easy to keep clean and backed by a 24-month Factory Warranty.

Choose internal wooden Venetian blinds and enjoy comfort at any time of the year

Wooden Venetian blinds, compared to other window coverings, stand out not only for their excellent protection against the sunlight and greater shading but also for their excellent thermal insulation in every season. In summer, they prevent rooms from heating up and help to maintain a constant temperature. This makes them an ideal choice for bedroom interiors – even in the hottest weather they will keep us pleasantly cool and guarantee the highest quality of sleep. In the winter season, wooden Venetian blinds protect against the loss of heat, providing additional protection against freezing temperatures and contributing to a reduction in heating costs. Wooden Venetian blinds are particularly suitable for balcony doors through which most heat escapes due to the large window area.

Internal wooden Venetian blindsdecoration of any interior

There is a reason why internal wooden Venetian blinds are one of the most popular types of window blinds. They offer an extremely high aesthetic standard, presenting themselves perfectly both in modern and classic interiors. It is a solution that combines a universal character with a unique, flawless visual effect that can dramatically change the look of the entire room. Moreover, the offer of wooden Venetian blinds includes an extremely wide range of models with a rich colour palette and varied slat widths – such a variety will certainly meet all your expectations and needs! White wide wooden Venetian blinds will add splendour to a bedroom furnished in the boho style – they will match the artistic character of the arrangement and create a coherent whole with the remaining elements of the decor. If you want to warm up the interior and give it a cosy, rustic look, choose oak wooden Venetian blinds for the kitchen and make this room the heart of the whole house.

Non-invasive wooden Venetian blinds – ease of operation and installation

Are you thinking about choosing interior wooden Venetian blinds but you want to avoid a difficult installation that will require interference with the structure of the wall or window frame? No worries! Made-to-measure wooden Venetian blinds are a guarantee of a simple, non-invasive installation, which you can successfully do all by yourself, without any professional assistance. Thanks to the use of specialised metal brackets, the wooden Venetian blind can be successfully installed directly on the window frame, completely eliminating the need for drilling.

What is more, wooden Venetian blinds are convenient and comfortable to operate with the use of cords, which allow precise control and enable adjustment of the amount of light entering the interior. The individual shading adjustment is also enabled by the possibility of choosing among four widths of slats – so we can choose wide wooden Venetian blinds that gently filter the sunlight or a model with narrow slats and enjoy complete darkness. Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that your chosen internal wooden Venetian blinds will impress with their impeccable appearance, and you will save your precious time on easy and pleasant care.

Internal wooden Venetian blinds or curtains? Enjoy the benefits of both!

Having trouble choosing the type of window covering? Are you afraid that wooden blinds and curtains will not work well in one window space? That is not the case! The combination of both solutions is an excellent choice that will make everyday use even more functional and fully adapted to your needs. In addition, the application of wooden Venetian blinds and curtains allows achieving the highest aesthetic standard of the interior, creating a coherent decorative component. The wooden Venetian blind will look best in the company of linen and cotton curtains in subdued, uniform shades. The light pine wood is perfectly complemented by the shades of grey, olive green, and soft brown. Wooden roller blinds with a dark, strong colour will go well with curtains in white, beige, and ecru.

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