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Blackout Roller Blinds

Our blackout blinds are made of quality fabrics that block sun light from entering the room offering complete privacy and comfortable darkening.
These blackout roller blinds are easy to fit inside as well as outside of the window recess.

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Internal blackout roller blinds – 100% protection from the sun

The special design of made-to-measure blackout blinds is based on the use of a rubberised blackout fabric which effectively prevents the sunlight from getting through the window. It is therefore the perfect solution for those who want to maintain a full blackout in the bedroom or are looking for such coverings to the children’s room that will give the baby the comfort of undisturbed sleep. Internal blackout roller blinds will also certainly please shift workers who often sleep at irregular times.

The guarantee of 100% protection from the sun rays means that blackout roller blinds will also contribute significantly to ensuring appropriate thermal conditions in the interiors. Such functionality is particularly useful during the summer season when temperatures reach their highest levels. Properly selected blackout roller blinds will ensure pleasant coolness in the interiors even during the hottest days, so they can successfully replace expensive air conditioning.

Blackout roller blinds – a multitude of benefits to your home

Blackout roller blinds are one of the most functional and practical window coverings. Thanks to the use of special fabrics of appropriate thickness and layered structure, roller blinds are characterised by exceptional durability and strength. In addition, roller blind elements made of PVC are resistant to water and temperature changes, so you can be sure that the covers will serve you for many years.

Moreover, blackout window roller blinds stand out for their easy operation, which allows for precise adjustment of the amount of sunlight entering the interior. The assembly and disassembly of the roller blind are also not complicated – you can do both easily by yourself and they will not take much time. The affordable price of the blackout roller blind is also an argument for choosing such a solution – it will not limit your choices and will not burden your household budget.

Made-to-measure roller blinds – design your individual window space

If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to functionally arrange the window spaces in the interiors of your entire house or flat, choose made-to-measure internal blackout roller blinds. They give you the opportunity to individually design coverings that will be fully adapted to your needs and expectations. When choosing made-to-measure fabric roller blinds, you can install them both on small kitchen and large balcony windows. Such coverings are also perfect for balcony or terrace doors, which are often problematic areas due to their non-standard sizes or opening systems. Made-to-measure blackout roller blinds will fit perfectly to your balcony doors and allow you to use your balcony with ease.

Internal blackout roller blinds – a timeless retro, classic, or modern style?

Are you decorating the interior of your new flat or house and looking for window coverings that will effectively protect the interior against the light? But you do not want to compromise between functionality and aesthetics? The internal blackout roller blind will certainly meet all your expectations. It is a solution in a variety of models and patterns, which offers a rich colour palette. This choice will undoubtedly satisfy both those who prefer chic and elegance as well as those who love modern, minimalist design styles.

Internal blackout roller blinds will look beautiful in interiors inspired by the timeless retro style. Dark, intense colours will emphasise the romantic character of the noir-style spaces, while richly ornamented models will perfectly fit into the decorative style of art deco arrangements. Intense, vibrant shades of purple, lime green, and indigo will complement artistic eclectic interiors and give them a unique and original look. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that internal blackout roller blinds will decorate any space and impress with their impeccable appearance.

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