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Duo Roller Blinds

Duo Roller Blinds are a truly original combination of roller blind mechanics and venetian blind covering effect. It’s a unique window treatment that offers almost the same control of light and privacy as a venetian blind.
The fabric in a duo blind has plain and transparent stripes which can be positioned against each other in a way to allow more or less sun light. This type of window shade can be raised and lowered like a typical roller blind.

Internal double roller blinds – enjoy relaxation at night and during the day

Double roller blinds (also known as duo roller blinds) are one of the most frequently selected solutions, which combine the advantages of single-layer window coverings with the functionality of classic shades. Thanks to their unique design, they can successfully replace both net curtains and traditional drapes. The double roller blind is made of two types of materials with different levels of light transmission – the thin layer gently diffuses the sun rays, while the thick structure ensures complete blackout. The control mechanism is easy to operate and provides full comfort of use. This solution allows for precise regulation of the amount of light entering the room and is ideal at any time of day or night.

Moreover, double window roller blinds do not require complicated installation and maintenance processes. They can be installed on wooden, PVC, or aluminium windows. Depending on your needs and preferences, roller blinds can be placed on the window frame, in the recess, or on the ceiling. Owing to their exceptional durability and water resistance, they are easy to clean and they maintain their impeccable appearance for many years.

Double roller blinds for windows – for any interior

Wondering which window coverings will provide the right conditions for the night’s rest in your sleeping area while allowing you to enjoy an afternoon of relaxation in your living room? Choose double blinds! It is a universal and extremely comprehensive solution that will perfectly work in every interior. Moreover, the duo roller blind will also be an excellent choice for rooms that are particularly exposed to humidity and temperature changes. So, you can install the covers near the kitchen sink or the bathroom shower area without any worries. As you can buy a double roller blind that will be made to measure, you can easily fit it both to small glazings as well as sizeable windows and large terrace doors.

Go for functionality and choose internal double roller blinds in a cassette

Double roller blinds in a cassette with guides are an excellent way to maintain privacy, especially during evenings when lit rooms become easily visible from the outside. Because of the double-layered structure, the design of this solution is based on double guides that allow free use of the window, while the material does not hang down when the window is opened. Moreover, the duo roller blind does not deflect when rolled up and accurately covers the entire surface of the glazing, without any gaps. The material is perfectly stretched, provides an excellent shield against light, and does not protrude from the window strips, which prevents the lower rail from bumping against the frame during draughts. Both the cassette and the lower metal weight are made from the highest quality materials and designed to match in colour.

Double roller blinds for windows – a style that will not let you down

With their special design, double window roller blinds are an extremely unique solution that delights with its designer look. The characteristic horizontal stripes create an exceptionally aesthetic effect and distinguish the duo roller blinds from other window coverings. The possibility to choose from many patterns, models, textures, and colours means that irrespective of your preferences and needs, you can certainly select your dream roller blind from the wide offer. You can also easily match them with decorative elements in your interior and integrate them into any arrangement. You can choose gradient shades or contrasting colours – it is up to you!

Internal double roller blinds in bright, warm colours are a perfect choice for kitchen spaces decorated in the rustic style – they will emphasise their cosy character and will look great against the background of wooden furniture. Straw and rust tones will enhance any boho style bedroom, perfectly matching the vibe drawn from the orient and exotic. The duo roller blind with contrasting black and white stripes will add splendour to any avant-garde living room.

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