Inspirations and tips

Inspirations and tips

Cleaning blinds – check out our tips!

Everybody wants to have their window coverings for many years, whether it is blinds, curtains or shutters. That is why it is so important to take care of them to keep them in a great shape for a long time. One of the ways of doing this is cleaning blinds them from dust and grease. Remember that you have to do it properly, which we are gonna present in this article. Check our tips, tricks and inspirations on how to do it!

Window decoration trends that you must know in 2023

Stylish and timeless interior is what we are all looking for. That is why we have to pick right furniture, carpets and other fixtures to make our home modern, Scandinavian, industrial or any other interior style. Modern house in line with actual trends and tips is popular in many markets. Question is: what is popular in 2023 when it comes to window coverings? Natural materials like wood or bamboo, timeless colour and warmth of the design – this is what people are looking for in window blinds.

Modern blinds – the best choice for your modern interior!

Modern interiors are one of the popular styles in architecture and furniture selection. Many people want to modernize their home with different ideas such as changing furnishings or adding art in form of painting or decoration. That is why more and more important are modern window coverings which can help with bringing harmony and tranquillity into your interior. Venetian blinds are one of the most selected products with their sun control, stylish design and durability and they are often called perfect modern blinds. Thanks to being made-to-measure blinds with a wide range of customisation options you can prepare not only long-term modern window covering but also modern window decoration.

Office blinds – trends and inspirations

Home office, open space or maybe working in a business centre? Everybody needs their own working space which provides a calm atmosphere and allows to focus on work. That will help them to concentrate on their jobs much quicker than usual. In all offices sunlight is very important – but it’s also important to be able to control it. It makes the working environment more comfortable. If you are looking for a timeless and suitable solution for your home office or any other working place you should consider buying venetian blinds. They will help with controlling the amount of light coming into your workspace and provide privacy during work.

Custom-made blinds – why you should have them

Looking for convenience, premium quality and timeless design? Then select custom-made blinds with a vast amount of personalisation. Pick from available materials (wooden, bamboo, PVC or aluminium), slats width (16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 65mm), collections and colours to configure perfect window coverings. ClickforBlinds offers custom-made venetian blinds for every window – from small and narrow to large ones. For example, natural wooden and bamboo blinds can be produced up to 360 cm and nearly 300 cm in width for selected colours. Made-to-measure blinds are the perfect choice for every interior thanks to their stylish look, timeless slats as well as great fit with any interior design.

Bathroom blinds – which one to choose?

A bathroom is a place where you prepare for a day or relax in a bath after hard work. In bathrooms, windows are very important as they bring natural sunlight and make you feel comfortable. How to control light, have as much privacy as possible and meet all the design requirements at the same time? Check our inspirations and tips for bathroom blinds.

Black and white blinds – timeless pick

How to pick the right blinds for your home? Is it better to choose something trending or go for more original solution? Check inspirations, latest trends and tips for the window horizontal blinds. However, certain solutions are timeless. One of the timeless products are black and white blinds. Let’s check why these are popular and in which rooms and interior designs you can use them. It may be surprising that they will fit well to numerous interiors – more than one could expect.

Blinds for living room – trends and inspirations

Living room is a place where you spend time with friends and family. Most important is calmness and warm atmosphere – and sunlight in the room plays a significant role. If you want a solution that will allow you to control daylight in your living room – check venetian blinds. They are made from natural wood (like basswood, abachi or bamboo) or aluminium and PVC. It is a great option for window coverings as they provide privacy, allow you to control sunlight in the living room – and, most importantly, it is a stylish and high quality element of every interior. Check our article about window blinds for the living room!

Window blinds for children’s room – trends and inspirations

Children deserve everything best, that is without a doubt. They often have their own rooms where we want them to feel comfortable and calm, which gives us safety about their mood and well-being. Of course, that room is also a place to have fun, invite friends, spend time with family and organize parties with other children. Important thing is to assure the right amount of sunlight and privacy for kids. If you are looking for providing these things to your children’s room check venetian blinds made from natural wood, bamboo or other materials. Let’s check trends and inspirations for selecting right blinds for the children’s room.

Made-to-measure blinds - customised sizes

We all want to enjoy our interiors as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office or children’s room. We want to feel a comfortable, calm and relaxing atmosphere. Lack of privacy or too much sunlight is not an option that is why we look for window coverings, which can be also window decorations. Now large windows are popular, especially in new apartments, houses or offices. We are not surprised – they are a source of natural light. As windows are getting larger we need great options for window coverings. Large window blinds are our specialisation – we offer numerous collections available in very wide sizes – up to 360 cm for wooden blinds and 400 cm for aluminium. Check our article about key considerations of window blinds sizes!

Kitchen blinds – trends and inspirations

Cooking, eating and dining? That must be the kitchen often described as the heart of the home, which is one of the most exploited interiors in every home. The kitchen must look nice and stylish while being practical to use. It is nice to dine in a great interior, therefore it is important to choose the right window coverings for your kitchen windows to make the room warm and cosy.

Bedroom blinds – trends and inspirations

As we all know a bedroom is a place where you have to feel comfortable and cosy. The most important things are good sleep at night and comfortable waking up at the beginning of the day. Too much heat from sunlight or lack of privacy is not an option and this is why you need solid and timeless solutions for your place. One of them is window blinds to cover your bedroom window. Let us show you tips, trends and inspirations for your bedroom blinds.