Inspirations and tips

Bathroom blinds – which one to choose? Trends and inspirations

A bathroom is a place where you prepare for a day or relax in a bath after hard work. In bathrooms, windows are very important as they bring natural sunlight and make you feel comfortable. How to control light, have as much privacy as possible and meet all the design requirements at the same time? Check our inspirations and tips for bathroom blinds.

Bedroom blinds – trends and inspirations for modern bedroom

As we all know a bedroom is a place where you have to feel comfortable and cosy. The most important things are good sleep at night and comfortable waking up at the beginning of the day. Too much heat from sunlight or lack of privacy is not an option and this is why you need solid and timeless solutions for your place. One of them is window blinds to cover your bedroom window. Let us show you tips, trends and inspirations for your bedroom blinds.

Kitchen blinds – trends and inspirations for modern kitchen

Cooking, eating and dining? That must be the kitchen often described as the heart of the home, which is one of the most exploited interiors in every home. The kitchen must look nice and stylish while being practical to use. It is nice to dine in a great interior, therefore it is important to choose the right window coverings for your kitchen windows to make the room warm and cosy.