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Internal pleated blinds – for glazings of any shapes

Pleated blinds (also called folding blinds) are a relatively new solution in the category of window coverings, which is quickly gaining popularity. These coverings are ideal for windows of non-standard sizes and shapes, such as square, rounded, triangular, or trapezoidal glazings. The window pleat owes this functionality to its unique construction – the material is folded into a zig-zag fold and stretched over two strips. The affordable price of pleated blinds is also significant, as it allows for the window space to be functionally arranged, without damaging the household budget.

Which folding blinds should I choose?

When choosing pleated blinds, it is worth taking into account the place of installation, the specifics of the window space, and the effect we want to achieve. Blackout pleated blinds are perfect for bedrooms and children’s rooms – they provide comfortable conditions for relaxation and have a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep. The possibility to choose custom sizes of the roller blinds also allows them to be placed on large windows and balcony doors. In attics, it is worth fitting double pleated blinds reflecting light – in addition to protecting from the sun, they will ensure the right temperature inside, protecting against overheating and preventing heat loss. Window pleated blinds, which gently diffuse light, will be indispensable in any living room, kitchen, or office space.

However, their aesthetic aspect is also important. The extensive offer of pleated blinds abounds in solutions that will prove useful in any interior design. Whether you prefer elegant and chic solutions or opt for the simplicity of form and shape, you can be sure that pleated blinds for windows will meet all your expectations.

Window pleated blinds – alternative to traditional cafe curtains

The specially designed structure of the folding blinds allows adjustment from the top and bottom, so you can select the level of interior shading without having to completely cover the window. In addition, the self-locking mechanism makes it easy to precisely position the pleated blind at the right point (for example, only in the middle or at the bottom of the glazing) and allows for a quick change depending on the time of day. Such functionalities make the pleated blind an excellent proposal for kitchens and bathrooms, which can successfully replace traditional cafe curtains.

Pleated blinds – installation in the window pane or non-invasive installation?

One of the biggest benefits of pleated blinds is the fact that they allow free use of the window. Unlike other internal window coverings, pleated blinds allow for installation in the window opening and do not block the pane. This type of window blind does not have a standard roll, onto which the material is usually rolled. That is why the pleat is placed right next to the glass pane and does not hinder opening of the window. However, such a solution requires interference in the structure of the glazing bead. If you want to avoid drilling, choose non-invasive pleated blinds, mounted with special brackets. The installation process is simple enough so that you can do it yourself and you will not need professional assistance. Regardless of the installation method you decide on, the pleated blind can also be easily removed and window panes cleaned.

Choose internal pleated blinds and enjoy simple care

Pleated blinds for windows are distinguished by a simple and pleasant cleaning process – just remove the material from the guides and clean it manually according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most pleats should be soaked in lukewarm water with a mild detergent – this will prevent creasing and deformation of the fabric. The blinds should then be carefully rinsed and hung in a rolled-up position that will preserve the original shape of the pleats. For tough stains that are difficult to remove, it may be necessary to seek help from a professional dry cleaner.

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