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Blackout Vertical Blinds

Our Blackout Vertical Blinds compliment our broad color range of Blackout Roller Blinds. The effect of complete darkening of large window space will be more affordably achieved with our collection of vertical blackout blinds. These can be joined seamlessly in the middle to cover exceedingly wide windows eg in office space.
Blackout Vertical blinds come in several universal colors and following louver widths: 89mm and 127mm. They are relatively lightweight and will be a natural choice for larger windows. Blackout Vertical blinds enable easy and sharp light control allowing privacy or full darkening effect.

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Where will vertical blackout blinds work best?

Vertical blackout blinds are the perfect solution for interiors with non-standard window spaces with large glazings. They are perfect for high windows and terrace doors – providing adequate shade against the sunlight and protecting against the prying eyes of neighbours and passers-by. The possibility to choose made-to-measure products makes it easy to fit the blinds to your living room, bedroom, and kitchen windows. In addition, for large window spaces, you can choose several pieces of vertical blackout blinds, which will allow you to precisely regulate the amount of light in the room and create a visually coherent decorative element.

Internal blackout vertical blinds are also perfect for commercial and office spaces characterised by modern architectural solutions, often with many window zones. Such coverings will significantly improve the comfort of work and the aesthetics of the interior.

Internal blackout window blinds – ease and pleasure of use

Vertical blinds are perfectly adapted to windows of non-standard shapes – you can easily install them on square, slanted, or rounded glazings. They can be mounted both to walls (using special clips) and to ceilings, and the possibility of joining the upper slats makes it easy to cover up to 12 m wide glazings. Easy to use control system using a delicate cord enables you to precisely adjust the amount of light in the room, and the uncomplicated and pleasant maintenance process will save you time and ensure a perfect look with minimal effort. Also noteworthy is the affordable price of vertical blinds, which will not overburden your wallet.

Choose internal blackout vertical blinds and enjoy a unique style of interiors

Are you looking for coverings that will highlight the unique character of a non-standard window space in your home and will impress with their unique design? Go for blackout vertical blinds and give your interiors a designer look. They will look great in any arrangement and will add original charm to it. The modern elegance of internal vertical blinds makes the covers match up beautifully with both the modern decor as well as classically furnished spaces. Vivid shades of purple, navy blue, and deep black will blend harmoniously with avant-garde interiors and give them a unique character. The subdued colours of beige and grey will enhance any Scandinavian-inspired arrangement, creating a highly aesthetic and original effect.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of minimalism and prefer an austere industrial style or you appreciate chic solutions and interiors decorated on a grand scale, you will certainly choose blinds that will meet all your requirements among the wide range of products and the rich colour palette.

What to consider when choosing blackout vertical blinds?

When choosing blackout vertical blinds, it is worth taking into account the place of their installation and adjusting the respective functionalities to it – for example, when choosing blinds for the kitchen or bathroom, it should be considered whether the material of the slats is resistant to humidity and stains. The visual effect we want to achieve in the room is no less important. Properly selected blackout vertical blinds can affect not only the appearance of the window space but also dramatically change the appearance of the whole interior. It is an excellent choice for low-ceiling rooms that we would like to enlarge. The vertical arrangement of the slats optically “lengthens” the interior and makes it visually more spacious. It is also worth remembering to follow the recommendations of the blackout blinds manufacturer – this enables the best fitting of the product to your window space. If you plan to install blinds in a window recess, do not forget to subtract a few millimetres on each side to leave enough space for installation.

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