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Double Pleated Blinds

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Double blackout pleated blinds with a honeycomb structure

Double blackout pleats are made of double layers of fabric that bend into a hexagonal shape and are hollow inside, creating a honeycomb-like effect. This structure creates an air cushion inside the fabric, which ensures adequate thermal insulation properties. In the summer season, it prevents the rooms from heating up and provides pleasant coolness, and in the winter season, it prevents heat loss by providing an additional layer of insulation against freezing temperatures. The inside of the blackout double pleated blinds is filled with a reflective material that provides excellent protection from the sunlight and the glare of street lamps.

Double blackout pleated blinds protect against external noise, providing privacy and an intimate atmosphere. Not only do they shield you from the prying eyes of your neighbours, but they also guarantee insulation from the noisy street, ensuring proper acoustic hygiene. With their help, you can create a real oasis of calm in your interiors and make everyday relaxation even more enjoyable.

Where will double blackout pleated blinds work?

With their specialised design and exceptional functionality, blackout double pleated blinds are ideal for residential, office, and commercial interiors. They will be a great idea for bedrooms, children’s rooms, loft spaces, kitchens, and living rooms. They will create ideal conditions for relaxation and rest. Made-to-measure double blackout blinds can be successfully adjusted to glazings of any size and shape and installed, for example, on a small, semi-circular window or a large balcony door. In addition, this category of covers is an excellent choice for office spaces, hotels, cafés, or beauty salons. They will provide all employees and guests with the highest level of comfort and will look great for the years to come.

Double blackout blinds reflecting light – impressive design

Double blackout window blinds are an excellent combination of useful functions and an aesthetic appearance. You can choose from a wide range of models with attractive designs and a rich colour palette. Such a variety makes it easy to find your dream roller blind and match it with your interior design. If you appreciate minimalist solutions, opt for covers in the shades of grey – they will look beautiful both in arrangements inspired by the Scandinavian style and in modern industrial spaces. Blackout double roller blinds in vivid black will add splendour to any avant-garde interior and emphasise its unique character. Warm brown tones are a great choice for classic and rustic decors, giving them a cosy feel and working well with both elegant and folkloric accessories.

Double rubberised roller blinds – blackout of a selected part of the window

Are you looking for an opinion on double rubberised roller blinds? Wondering whether their installation and operation will cause you problems? No worries! You can easily install the double pleated blind by yourself – depending on your preferences, you can screw the blind to the window frame or choose a non-invasive installation. When installing the blind, make sure there is an adequate gap of a few millimetres between the fabric and the window pane – this guarantees the flow of air and prevents damage to the window pane caused by high temperatures. This gap should also be maintained between the edges of the roller blind and the slats near the window.

Convenient controls allow you to shade the selected part of the window and adjust the amount of light penetrating the interior. The blackout double pleated blind moves along the entire height of the window, folding from the top and bottom. A special braking mechanism enables precise positioning of the blind in a given section and a quick change of its position during the day.

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