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Our range of made-to-measure Venetian blinds features a fine choice of blind styles and materials. These blinds come in up to 4 slat widths, usually in standard but also in retro style, on string or tape ladders - the choice is yours.
Our Venetian blinds come in a great range of aluminium coated colors for aluminium blinds, matt or glossy finish, and natural wood stains for wooden blinds. In our range we also have venetian blinds that combine aluminium and wood to a marvellous aesthetic effect. [aluminium blinds 50mm RETRO]
All these are authentic made-to-measure blinds so you can select from all options possible for a blind to compose a very individual venetian blind for your window.

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Day and night Venetian blinds for summer heat and winter cold

Window Venetian blinds are an exceptionally comprehensive solution that combines many functionalities. It is no secret that the most important role served by regular Venetian blinds is to provide privacy and adequate shading of the room. Effective light blocking and protection from the prying eyes of neighbours or passers-by significantly improve the level of comfort and the quality of night rest. Still, it is worth noting the benefits of the specific design of this type of window covering. Internal window Venetian blinds, due to their design consisting of numerous, controllable slats, allow full control over the amount of light that enters the room. The possibility to set the slats at a suitable angle allows us to adjust the light conditions to the time of day and our needs.

Moreover, internal Venetian blinds are an invaluable aid in maintaining the right temperature of indoor spaces. Owing to their thermal insulation properties, they will be perfect for any season of the year. In the summer season, they protect against high temperatures and overheating of rooms, creating a pleasant feeling of coolness. In winter, they prevent heat loss and provide additional protection against cold. Venetian blinds are an extremely ergonomic choice that will help to reduce heating costs and thus bring some relief to the household budget.

Internal window Venetian blinds – wooden, aluminium, or bamboo?

The offer of Venetian blinds for windows abounds in modern solutions of the highest quality, which delight with their excellent aesthetic standard and unique design. You can choose from a wide variety of different models, finishing materials, and a rich colour palette. If you prefer natural materials, choose wooden or ecological – made of bamboo – internal window Venetian blinds. Those who prefer modern solutions will certainly be satisfied with aluminium window Venetian blinds with a matt or glossy finish or wood-like coverings, in which the slats are covered with an aluminium layer resembling the natural material. There are four slat widths available for window Venetian blinds and the variety of styles will make it possible to enhance any interior design. This type of window covering will look great both in minimalist, modern arrangements, as well as in spaces decorated in line with the classic elegance.

Window Venetian blinds – universal choice and versatile use

The internal Venetian blind is an extremely comprehensive solution that works perfectly in every room. You can choose to use it in the living room and bedroom spaces as well as in the kitchen and bathroom interiors. For rooms that are particularly exposed to humidity and temperature changes, it is worth choosing window Venetian blinds made of aluminium or faux-wood/PVC – they are resistant to humidity and will maintain an impeccable appearance for many years.

Contrary to what might seem, internal Venetian blinds can be used not only on windows but also on doors. The possibility to buy made-to-measure products means that you can choose balcony Venetian blinds, creating a coherent window space by the terrace, or opt for Venetian blinds for room doors, which block the light coming into the room through the glass parts.

Window Venetian blinds – comfort and convenience everywhere you need it

Internal Venetian blinds are one of the most practical window coverings. They are distinguished by their uncomplicated installation process, which you can easily do by yourself. Venetian blinds can be used universally, which means that they are suitable for plastic, wooden, and aluminium windows. The coverings can be attached to the wall or window frame using an invasive method or with special non-invasive brackets. Comfort and convenience are also ensured by simple cord control as well as easy and pleasant care.

Venetian Blinds – made-to-measure blinds and best window covering for your windows

Looking for window covering which assures privacy and sunlight control? Select venetian blinds with a vast amount of customisation options. Add cloth tapes, wooden valance, side guiding or other extras to create perfect blinds for your interiors. ClickforBlinds with over 15 years of experience on the window coverings market can offer blinds made from real wood, bamboo, PVC or aluminium. Thanks to their high-quality slats and timeless design you can order them for every room. PVC, aluminium and bamboo horizontal blinds are water and moisture, which makes them the perfect match for rooms like bathroom and kitchen.

All our horizontal blinds are made-to-measure. It means you can customize every part of the blind. Then we will produce them in line with your specifications. Delivery is quick – in the 6-9 working days you will receive your blinds!

If you are not sure about the product or colour – just order free samples. Then you can check the real structure of the blind slats and colour – and see if it matches your interior.

Wooden blinds – horizontal blinds with a natural wooden slats

Looking for top-quality and natural window decoration? Choose venetian blinds made from real wood. They assure sunlight protection and privacy. Thanks to their properties they will fit into every interior. White and black wooden blinds are very popular – they are a great choice for every type of the interior. Wooden horizontal blinds will be perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or offices with their natural design. Choose made-to-measure blinds with additional features like cloth tapes (10mm, 25mm or 38mm), side guiding and many others. You are able to fully customize them – according to your requirements.

Check out our special Abachi collection with blinds made from African abachi wood. They will be a perfect match for rooms with high sun exposure. Are you looking for window coverings for large windows? Great! ClickforBlinds offers wooden blinds in up to 360 cm in width for selected colours like white or black. Check the made-to-measure wooden blinds and configure perfect window coverings!

Bamboo blinds – high quality blinds at the right price

Durability and natural design – that must be bamboo blinds! Check one of the bestselling products offering sunlight protection and assuring privacy. Their properties make them an ideal choice for all interiors. Thanks to being water and moisture-resistant they can be mounted even in wet and humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

Bamboo blinds have a matt finish while slats are thin. It makes them a great choice for modern interiors – our customers love especially black bamboo blinds in all slats sizes: 35mm, 50mm and 65mm.

Don’t forget to add extra features before you will add them to your online cart! Cloth tapes with multiple colours and side guiding are only some of the possible additions to pick. Do you need blinds for large windows? Bamboo blinds can be made up to 300 cm in width for selected colours (like white or black). They will be a perfect match for your interiors!

Aluminium blinds – great quality at low price

Looking for blinds that will work fine and long in a difficult environment? Aluminium blinds will be the perfect choice thanks to their durable slats. They are also known as good value-to-money choice. Pick aluminium blinds if you are looking for cheap blinds with numerous customisation options. They are a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. ClickforBlinds offers these blinds in even 400 cm width to make your custom-made blinds.

Faux-wood blinds – cheap window coverings resembling real wood

Faux-wood blinds are made from PVC but they look like real wood. It is another great solution for your windows. Their durable horizontal slats assure privacy and sunlight control. They can also work fine in a wet and humid environment such as a bathroom or kitchen. With vast customisation options, you can have your made-to-measure blinds fully in line with your specifications!

Wood-effect blinds – a good choice for demanding interiors!

Check wood-effect blinds which link the durability of aluminium with wooden looks. Their slats are made to have a wood effect which makes them a good choice for many interiors. Additionally aluminium assures water and moisture resistance. It is also a cheap window covering – in case you are looking for cheap solutions!


1. Why should I put venetian blinds on the window?
Venetian blinds are a great solution if you are looking for sunlight control and privacy assurance when you have windows in your room. They are timeless and durable window coverings that will suit every interior. Select wooden blinds or bamboo window coverings – they are all great quality blinds. If you’re looking for cheap blinds, check our collections of PVC or aluminium blinds.
2. How to choose right venetian blinds?
Venetian blinds will suit every interior no matter whether is it Scandinavian, modern or industrial design – they are just a perfect match. Select wooden or bamboo blinds if you are looking for a timeless and exclusive solution for your bedrooms, living room or office. If you are looking for window coverings in the bathroom or kitchen pick then bamboo, aluminium or PVC blinds. They work great even in a wet and humid environment.
3. What colour of venetian blinds should I choose?
Pick white or black colours if you are looking for timeless and popular choices. White and black wooden and bamboo blinds are most popular among our customers. Natural wood colours are also very popular as they give interiors a natural look and feel. If you are looking for a unique colour selection – check our other collections. We have various options, from budget products to premium collections like abachi wooden blinds – we are sure you will find suitable solutions for your windows!
4. What kind of blinds are at ClickforBlinds?
We offer a wide selection of horizontal blinds – all of them are made-to-measure blinds Select from a vast selection of window coverings made from real wood, bamboo, aluminium or PVC. We also offer roller, pleated, vertical and roman blinds with a lot of customisation options. Add cloth tape, side guiding and others to make perfect window coverings for your interior.
5. What are the best wooden blinds?
Wooden blinds 50mm is the most popular wooden blind product. All our wooden blinds collections offer high quality and attractive price. Both of these products assure privacy and offer control over sunlight in your room. Wooden abachi blinds will be perfect for rooms with high sun exposure. You can buy all these products at ClickforBlinds – check all our wooden venetians collections!
6. Can wooden blinds go in the bathroom?
Wooden blinds are the best solution for dry and well-ventilated interiors. If you are looking for a window covering that will work in wet and humid environments pick bamboo, aluminium or PVC blinds. They will assure timeless and long-term performance as bathroom blinds.
7. Which blinds are the best?
Check wooden, bamboo, aluminium and PVC venetian blinds which offer high quality design and long-time performance. Wooden and bamboo blinds are most popular among our customers – we think they are the best mix of quality and value. You can fully customize each product in our shop to make it best for your interior. Select ClickforBlinds products which are made-to-measure window coverings with vast customisation options.
8. How do blinds work without drilling?
You can put blinds on window frames without drilling thanks to non-invasive brackets. Due to this solution you can have a window covering without wasting time and effort on drilling. Blinds work well if mounted with non-invasive brackets.
9. How do I attach blinds to a window?
There are many methods to mount or attach blinds to a window. You can mount them on a wall, or ceiling, mount them upwards or check our non-invasive mounting method. This last solution will save you from drilling because you will put them on the window frame. Thanks to non-invasive brackets (which can be added to your order) you will have no problem attaching them to a window.
10. What is the difference between venetian blinds and roller blinds?
The main difference is the material used to make these two types of blinds. Roller blinds made from fabric are a budget solution as a window covering. They don’t offer such exclusive design as venetian blinds. The disadvantage of roller blinds will be also their lack of water and moisture resistance. Venetian blinds made from wood, bamboo, aluminium or PVC offer both design and durability. They are more stylish and more durable – check full specification and various collections on our online shop.
11. Which is more expensive: roller blinds or venetian blinds?
Venetian blinds are a more expensive solution than roller blinds which are a budget window covering. If you are looking for exclusive and durable blinds then select made-to-measure horizontal blinds. Select products from ClickforBlinds, which are made-to-measure venetian blinds with a vast amount of customisation options.
12. Which blinds are the cheapest?
The cheapest blinds are roller blinds as a budget option. You can choose them on our website but they are not very durable and quite difficult to maintain. If you are looking for cheap and great blinds check faux-wood or aluminium blinds in our shop: ClickforBlinds. As an online shop with multiple years on the market, we offer affordable and high-quality products. Select made-to-measure blinds from wood, bamboo or more budget blinds like aluminium or PVC blinds with water and moisture resistance.
13. How much do made-to-measure blinds cost
The final price of your order is seen after you finish creating your made-to-measure blinds. The cost of blinds will depend on selected type of product and collection, size of the blind and additional features like cloth types. There are cheap collections like faux wood and aluminium blinds which are budget products. We also offer wooden and bamboo blinds – which are a great combination of high quality and attractive price. There are also premium collections like Abachi or Rustica – where you can find exclusive design and quality finish of slats.
14. What are the standard sizes of blinds?
There are no standard sizes of blinds. ClickforBlinds as an online shop that offers window coverings for small, narrow and large windows. Check out the venetian blinds collection with the unique and timeless solution as window covering. For example, you can order wooden blinds in 360 cm width, bamboo blinds in nearly 300 cm width and aluminium blinds in 400 cm width for selected colours.

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