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Blackout Pleated Blinds

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Blackout pleated blinds – the best choice for small glazed areas

Pleated blinds are one of the most popular and most preferred window coverings. Not without reason! They provide excellent protection from both the sun rays and artificial street lights, ensuring the comfort of rest and protecting from the prying eyes of passers-by or neighbours. Moreover, pleated blinds are an invaluable aid in regulating temperature in the rooms, protecting interiors from excessive heating, even on the hottest days.

With the special design of the blind, the pleats move both in the upper and lower part, which enables precise regulation and control of the amount of light entering the room. Depending on your preferences and the time of day, you can use them to cover any part of the window or roll them up completely, if necessary. When rolled up, pleats do not take up much space, fully expose the window, and maintain the aesthetic look.

How to install blackout pleated blinds?

Depending on your preferences, pleated blinds can be installed in a non-invasive way (using special clip fasteners) or using an invasive method, with the use of drilling tools – each installation can be carried out easily on your own – all you need is a simple manual. The invasive installation of blackout pleated blinds can be carried out on any type of windows, including those with non-standard shapes such as slanted or trapezoid windows. Mounting in the window pane is an excellent choice for sliding windows and doors – the use of the window space will be easier and more functional.

The non-invasive installation of blackout pleated blinds does not require drilling into the window frame and involves the application of clamping hooks on the upper and lower strip. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the quality and size of the fastenings, as this can significantly determine the comfort of the covering use later on. The installation of pleated blinds directly on the window frame covers both the window pane and the window strips and thus prevents impractical gaps.

Choose window pleats and enjoy an impeccable interior design

Pleated blinds are an excellent choice for the interiors of any decor. Are you a fan of classic elegance? Maybe you appreciate designer and modern solutions? Regardless of your preferences, you will certainly be able to choose blinds that will meet all your expectations among the wide range of products and the rich colour palette. Pleated blinds in light, subdued shades will look beautiful in minimalist interiors, creating a harmonious whole with other elements of the furnishing. A folding blind in an intense and vivid colour will add splendour to spaces inspired by the eclectic style and will emphasise its unique character. Deep black blackout pleats are the perfect choice for avant-garde arrangements. Folding blinds in the shades of grey will go well with Scandinavian-style decors and austere industrial interiors.

Where will made-to-measure blackout pleated blinds fit best?

Made-to-measure blackout window pleats constitute an extremely comprehensive and universal solution that works well in residential interiors as well as commercial and office spaces. Folding blinds are an excellent choice for rooms where shading plays a key role for the feeling of comfort and quality of rest. Apart from bedrooms and children’s rooms, blackout pleated blinds can also be installed in the living room and the dining room, as well as in interiors that are particularly exposed to humidity and temperature changes, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Made-to-measure pleated blinds will also not fail in office spaces, especially those of the “open space” type, where many people work simultaneously. They provide a suitable working environment and protect monitors from heat while eliminating light reflections and glares.

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