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We are happy to introduce you to our collection of Roller Blinds, and encourage you to browse through the variety of fabric colors, patterns and textures that will provide a desired measure of darkening solution to your window. We make roller blinds to order, exactly to the sizes you give us in order. Fabrics are cut to size to fit perfectly in your window.
Our roller blind is a popular window covering which offers a rich choice of colors and patterns that will stop sun-light coming in and match the other colors present in your room. This blind is effective and inexpensive.

Modern internal roller blinds – a must for every window space

Internal roller blinds are one of the most popular choices in the window covering category and an excellent alternative to traditional curtains and drapes which take up a lot of space and require complicated care. Thanks to their small size, window roller blinds enable the optimum use of space and optically enlarge interiors. It is an excellent shield against the sun rays and an extremely effective heat insulator. During summer heat they provide adequate protection against overheating, and during winter frosts they prevent heat loss and provide an additional layer of protection against cold.

Made-to-measure internal roller blinds can be successfully installed in the bedroom, living room, children’s room, and even in interiors particularly exposed to humidity, such as the kitchen or bathroom. You can easily fit them to both small windows and large terrace doors.

What to consider when choosing internal window roller blinds?

Before purchasing your dream internal roller blind, it is worth taking into consideration the type of room and the specifics of the window space where the blind is to be placed, as well as your expectations regarding the shading effect. In the spaces which are used a lot daily, the internal roller blinds will prove perfect, gently diffusing the sunlight, creating a subtle effect in the room. Such roller blinds will provide comfortable conditions for relaxation and shield against the prying eyes of random passers-by.

In interiors where the blackout is crucial for the quality of your rest, it is worth choosing the blackout window roller blind. Not only will it shield you from sun and street lights, but it will also ensure the right room temperature and have a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep. In addition to the bedroom, such a covering would be an excellent choice for the children’s room. If you are looking for a solution that will offer both functions (total blackout and diffusion of light), choose internal double roller blinds – the special design will make it possible to regulate the light level depending on the time of day.

Modern internal roller blinds – free-hanging or in a cassette?

Made-to-measure roller blinds – classic (also called free-hanging) are the most popular option of window shades, based on a simple structure and fixed mainly to the wall or ceiling. Such a covering is an extremely durable choice, resistant to damage and dirt. Due to the recommended method of installation, it will look best on large glazed surfaces, covering not only windows but also their recesses. Internal window roller blinds in a cassette are a category of blinds intended primarily for installation directly on the window frame. This solution offers a choice between installation that interferes with the structure of the window and a non-invasive method. In addition, internal window roller blinds with a cassette and guides eliminate troublesome gaps and delight with their elegant appearance.

Whichever window roller blind you choose, you can be sure that the installation process will not be difficult and maintenance will be uncomplicated, which will save you a lot of valuable time. To refresh your blinds, all you need is a cotton cloth dampened with tap water.

Which internal roller blinds are best for plastic windows?

Are you planning the interior design of a newly-built house and wondering which blinds will go well with plastic windows? Maybe you want to get rid of your old curtains and choose suitable blinds instead? No worries! Internal window blinds are an extremely comprehensive and universal type of window coverings. Therefore, you can easily fit roller blinds to plastic, wooden, and aluminium windows. This means that nothing limits your choice and you have access to a wide range of patterns and textures, as well as a wide range of colours. We guarantee that you will find roller blinds that will meet all your expectations and requirements and perfectly highlight the arrangement of any interior.

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