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Our present range of made-to-measure Blackout blinds are roller blinds with blackout fabric on tube for a complete blackout effect - a practical and inexpensive solution for your needs delivered by our staff within 7-10 days from order.
Our custom-made Blackout blinds will not only give you the required comfort from strong sunlight on hot sunny days and mornings but will also make a great decoration for your windows - being a perfect fit for all of them.

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Chooseblackout roller blinds and enjoy the sun!

Instead of enjoying the beautiful summer weather, you are tired of fighting with arduous sunlight that often wakes you up in the morning and makes many daily activities difficult? Tired of reflections and glares on the screens of electrical devices that disturb you while working and relaxing? The answer to your problems is the use of internal blackout roller blinds! This type of window covering offers 100% protection of interiors from natural light and the glow of street lamps. Thanks to their functionalities, the light-proof roller blinds also play an important role in the thermal insulation of interiors – in summer they protect the rooms against overheating and ensure pleasant coolness, while in winter they prevent heat loss and provide an additional layer of protection against freezing temperatures. In addition, blackout roller blinds provide excellent privacy protection and full comfort of the home space.

Made-to-measure blackout roller blinds are perfect for residential, office, and commercial spaces. You can easily fit them into both small kitchen windows and large balcony doors.

Which blackout roller blind should I choose?

When purchasing your dream blackout roller blind, you can choose from many product categories and models that offer a variety of functionalities. Therefore, before making a decision, it is worth considering the destination, the specifics of the window space where the cover is to be placed, and the effect you want to achieve after its installation. Rubberised roller blinds are a perfect solution for loft spaces, which are particularly exposed to temperature changes – an additional protective layer allows you to control the temperature inside and will reduce heating costs.

In modern architectural designs with large glazed areas, vertical blackout blinds are a perfect solution – with the possibility of selecting custom sizes and combining individual panels, we can successfully arrange the glass pane of a large terrace door. If you are looking for a functional replacement for traditional curtains, choose a blackout Roman blind – the fabric structure will be perfect for the living room, giving the interior a cosy look. The light-proof roller blind with a pleated structure will allow for the functional arrangement of windows with non-standard shapes. The small size of this solution makes pleats ideal for small kitchen and bathroom windows.

Blackout roller blinds reflecting light – decoration of any space

Do you expect not only exceptional functionality but also an impeccable appearance from your window coverings? Blackout window roller blinds represent the highest aesthetic standard and are a guarantee of the impeccable appearance. From the wide range of models, textures, patterns, and colours, you are sure to find a covering that will meet all your expectations and requirements. What is more, your dream blackout roller blind can be easily incorporated into any interior design and matched with other decorative elements.

Light-proof roller blinds in bright, soft colours of white and beige will look great in spaces decorated according to the classic elegance. Grey is the perfect choice for Scandinavian-style interiors, while black shades will emphasise the unique character of an avant-garde decor. Blackout roller blinds in intense shades of navy blue, bottle green, and indigo will add a retro touch to any decor – whether it’s a sophisticated art deco look or a romantic atmosphere of the noir style.

Blackout blinds – additional benefits

Regardless of the type of blackout roller blinds you decide on, you can be sure that the installation process will not cause you any trouble and will save you a lot of time. Moreover, all heat-resistant roller blinds are extremely simple to operate and easy to clean. The products are also affordable, which will not limit your choices and will allow you to create the interiors of your dreams.

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