Wooden Blinds

Looking for the best quality window coverings? Check our offer and look no further!

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Bamboo Blinds

High quality made to measure wooden blinds. Get high quality window coverings your windows deserve it.

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Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium Blinds are among the most popular window covering products on the market. A great range of colors makes them a perfect decoration match for each type of interior.

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Vertical Blinds

Modern and practial, Vertical Blinds are the best solution for office space windows. For some customers vertical blinds will form an attrractive alternative for home window decoration as well.

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A comprehensive range of colors for Venetian blinds, in Aluminium and wood alike, is complemented with a unique and beautiful RETRO style: 50mm blinds that have stylish wooden headrail, old fashioned mechanisms and color coordinated ladder tapes, slats made in wood or aluminium - the choice is truely yours as you can customize the RETRO blind in each and every detail.

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Pleated Blinds

We have great range of Pleated Blinds for every type of room in your house. Pleated Blinds are very light and allow you to cover any part of your window from the top or from the bottom. We provide also Blackout Pleated Blinds and Double Pleated Blinds.

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Duo Roller Blinds

Duo Roller Blinds are an interesting alternative to standard Roller Blinds. They are practical and modern in design which makes them unique among other window coverings.

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Roller Blinds

Our great range of blinds features the highest quality Roller Blinds and Blackout Roller Blinds. Everyone will find their perfect window blind in our online range of styles and models.

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You can buy blinds online from us securely and with confidence. We offer high quality venetian blinds and other window coverings directly to your door and at great prices.








High-quality, made-to-measure blinds for your individual interior design

Are you looking for a way to black out your bedroom windows to ensure a comfortable and deep sleep? Or would you like to have more privacy with a beautiful window decoration in the bathroom? Then our top-notch class venetian blinds, which we manufacture to your exact measure, are the ideal solution! Our satisfied customer base extends all over Europe - convince yourself of our high quality standards and excellent customer service. Order now and enjoy made-to-measure products with free delivery!

Since not all windows in all houses and apartments are of the standard size, we have specialized in making and selling custom-made blinds . The horizontal venetians are available here in various colours made from first-class materials such as wood, bamboo, aluminium and PVC. There also available products made from fabric such like roller or vertical blinds and others. Due to this variety, our models fit into every room and interior style, so that you are guaranteed to find an excellent selection in our online shop .

Custom-made wooden blinds as the bestseller among window coverings

One of the largest bestsellers in the sun protection industry are wooden blinds. You can also order our exclusive made-to-measure wooden blinds online . With their timeless, elegant style, they enrich both modern interiors and classically furnished rooms. In addition, the wooden blinds impress with their environmental friendliness, elegant design and reliable protection against heat in summer and cold in winter. They are made from high quality basswood that is easy to maintain and available in a wide range of natural colours. Whether it is a simple terraced house, a modern city villa or an individual log home, our wooden blinds are always a great element of the interior.

Bamboo blinds provide an extraordinary natural feeling

Are you a lover of natural raw materials and want to install custom-made blinds that are unique and have natural look and high quality finish? Then how about a bamboo blind for your living room or bedroom? The slats are resilient, elastic and insensitive to moisture. In addition, they differ from our wooden models in their matt surface structure which makes it a great choice for any type of the interiors. With a lot of additional features in our offer, you can fully customize the bamboo blind in line with your individual needs so that it fits well with your style – make your blinds unique and personal!

Fully customized Roman blinds impress with their functionality and personality

As an expert with years of experience, we do not only produce excellent venetian blinds, but we also offer many other products, such as fabric Roman blinds. If you want to order a made-to-measure Roman blinds made from fabric, pick our custom-made products. In addition, you can opt for blackout ones . Either way, you'll show excellent taste with a Roman blind. Give your living room, bedroom or office a special character and decorate your windows magnificently, including perfect sun protection.

Made-to-measure means a lot of extra features and options!

Do you want to configure blinds that will be original and perfectly match your interior design? We offer fully made-to-measure products with numerous customization options . You can add extra options to your blind such as cloth tape (we offer a variety of sizes and colours) or modify many of the technical aspects such as choosing a type of valance, adding side guiding or plinth and you can even select type and colour of mounting brackets! With us you can create perfect window covering for your interior and it will be delivered to your home in a short time!

Configure your perfect blinds! Contact us if you have any questions

Order your favourite blinds today and you will receive our custom-made products in just a few days. Do you have any questions or would you like detailed advice? Whether wooden, bamboo, aluminium or PVC blinds and many other products - you can reach us via our contact form. We appreciate your interest!

Made-to-measure blinds – perfect choice for every interior!

Looking for an ideal window covering? Check our collections of venetian blinds made from real wood, bamboo, aluminium or PVC. They assure privacy and control over sunlight. Our blinds bring exclusive and timeless design to every interior. Don’t worry about their performance, thanks to their durability they will work fine for many years! Thinking about selecting the right type of venetian blinds for each room? Check our blog at ClickforBlinds where we provide advice on which window coverings are suitable for each room. Remember that ClickforBlinds means over 15 years of experience on a market!

Our products are cheap blinds which are available as made-to-measure products with vast customisation options such as multiple colours (white, grey, black, natural wood), sizes (35mm, 50mm, 65mm) and extra features. Select cloth tapes, wooden valance, side guiding and many other additional features to create perfect window coverings! We take care of our customers and offer free samples and free delivery across the EU – straight to your doors. Our delivery is quick and smooth – as we produce all our products in the EU!

Wooden blinds – made-to-measure window coverings from natural wood

Natural wood and exclusive design? Pick wooden venetian blinds. They offer long-time performance and give your interiors a unique touch. Thanks to an outstanding sun control system (which is better than for example roller blinds) they are one of the bestsellers – for many years! Special collections and the possibility to create even 360 cm in width for large windows makes them perfect pick for many interiors – and many demanding customers. Pick white or black wooden blinds as a timeless and popular solution or select another colour from a vast selection of options – such as natural, grey or different types of wood structure. Check the unique Abachi collection with wooden blinds made from African abachi wood for rooms with high sun exposure. They will also fit well into more exclusive interiors or colonial style homes.

Wooden blinds will ideally fit into such rooms as bedrooms, living rooms and offices. They work best in dry and well-ventilated spaces. Check many slats width sizes (25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 65mm) and over 50 cloth tape colours to select the perfect window decoration. ClickforBlinds offers products at one of the best prices - cheap blinds for everyone! Remember that all our wooden blinds are fully made-to-measure window coverings – which means full production process takes place in our European factory. It guarantees quality, environmental friendliness and quick delivery to your doors.

Bamboo blinds – natural and bestselling window coverings

Made-to-measure bamboo blinds are one of the recent bestsellers. Thanks to being durable, unique window coverings and are made from real bamboo our customers choose them for any type of interior. Their water and humid resistance assure very good performance in every environment such as bathroom, kitchen and others. They are also a perfect match for bedrooms, living rooms or offices thanks to their natural and timeless design. Remember that bamboo slats are thinner than wood and have a matt finish. They look extremely well and stylish in any type of interior. Customers love white and black bamboo blinds – they look great in modern interiors and work well with other design styles as well.

Their availability in many sizes (35mm, 50mm – most popular and 65mm slats) and the possibility to create nearly 300 cm in width for larger windows make them an ideal choice for window covering. Remember that as made-to-measure blinds you can configure them with a lot of customisation possibilities. Cloth tapes in multiple widths (10mm,25mm and 38mm) and colours will be the perfect addition to these blinds. If you want extra features check them in our online shop and configurator.

Aluminium blinds – made-to-measure and durable solution

Aluminium blinds are a very durable solution as a window covering. Thanks to being water and moisture-resistant they are a great choice for all types of interiors. These cheap made-to-measure blinds will be a great choice for any type of the room. Thanks to their properties, they can be used for humid areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Check our extensive set of additional features and sizes (possibility to order blinds in 400 cm width) and create your made-to-measure aluminium blinds!

Faux-wood blinds – cheap made-to-measure blinds from PVC slats

Durability and natural touch – that must be faux-wood blinds! Slats made from PVC and prepared to look like real wood make them another great choice for your interiors. As other affordable and cheap blinds, they can be found in many interiors as window coverings.

Wood-effect blinds – durability with wood imitation

Blinds made from aluminium with a wooden look are another option if you are looking for different window decorations. Moisture and water resistance are one of their advantages which are appreciated by customers. Their wood-like slats give the interiors natural touch but not as much as the real wooden ones.

Various window coverings – check full offer of ClickforBlinds!

Looking for another solution as window covering? Check our offer where you will find roller, roman, vertical, blackout or pleated blinds. Each one of them is a made-to-measure product with a vast amount of customisation options. Don’t worry about delivery – we offer it for free across the EU! Order free samples if you have any doubts about the right selection.

Buy made-to-measure blinds with ClickforBlinds!

We are a leading online shop for made-to-measure window coverings. You will find numerous collections on our website, including several unique and premium ones like Rustica, Abachi or Gloss blinds. We also offer numerous slat widths: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm (most popular!) and 65mm.

We offer free and fast delivery across the EU. We produce horizontal blinds at our factory in the EU and we ship the blinds directly from there. No middlemen!

If you are unsure about the colours – just order free samples. Then you can check the real colour, structure of the slat and match it with your interior.

As mentioned before, all our products are fully made-to-measure which means they are produced in our European factory – end-to-end manufactured according to your specifications! We don’t use any ready-made blinds from China which have low quality. We believe you deserve the best quality at the right price – that is why we control the production process which is fully located in Europe. Try our products and see for yourself!

1. What type of blinds should I choose?

Order venetian blinds made from real wood, bamboo, aluminium or PVC. They will perfectly fit into every interior and condition. Sunlight control and privacy assurance are only some of their advantages. Check venetian blinds offer at ClickforBlinds online shop with affordable and cheap blinds. These products are made-to-measure with vast customisation options to create the best solution for your interiors. Wooden and bamboo window blinds are most popular – they give natural warmth and will make your space cosy and stylish. All products are made fully in line with your specifications!

2. What are the other types of blinds?

Venetian blinds are not the only solution for window covering. You can check other ones such as blackout, roller, pleated, roman or vertical blinds at ClickforBlinds. They don’t offer so many features like venetian blinds, especially in opening/closing which often will only open or close without a tilt option. Wooden and bamboo venetian blinds made from real wood are a perfect match for every interior. Thanks to their natural horizontal slats you will gain unique and timeless solutions for years. Bamboo blinds are also an ideal choice for wet and humid environments thanks to their water and moisture resistance.

3. How does the venetian blind work?

Blinds made from horizontal slats offer you an opening and closing system with a cord. For example, venetian blinds can be also tilted which is an extra option for letting only a bit of sunlight. Thanks to being made from horizontal slats they are also easy to clean and maintain great performance over time. Add cloth tape to make them even more unique and timeless for your interior. ClickforBlinds also offers many mounting options with a non-invasive method for venetian blinds. Thanks to ordering non-invasive brackets you will mount your selected product on a window frame without drilling.

4. Which blind should I choose without drilling?

Many blinds can be mounted without drilling, for example, venetian blinds. We offer non-invasive brackets which allow you to put them on the window frame without drilling. See specific information on each product’s page.

5. How do you mount a blind on a PVC window?

Check non-invasive mounting system for PVC windows that works with venetian blinds. This will allow you to mount blinds without drilling.

6. How do you close the venetian blinds?

You can close them with a cord or when they are closed you can tilt them to let only a bit of sunlight into your room. Venetian blinds thanks to tilting offer more options of opening/closing than for example pleated, roller or roman blinds.

7. What are the different types of interior blinds?

If you are looking for different types of interior blinds, venetian blinds are not the only solution. Check roman, pleated, vertical, roller or blackout blinds.

8. What type of blinds for a large window?

Check venetian blinds - they look great on large and wide windows. They can be produced in very wide sizes (360 cm in width for wooden blinds, 300 cm in width for bamboo blinds, 400 cm in width for aluminium blinds) for selected colours. It makes them an ideal pick for larger windows – they will give an exclusive and stylish look to your interior. Remember to take proper measurements for blinds, more information on how to do it is available in our measurement section.

9. What is the difference between venetian blinds and roller blinds?

The most important thing is the material used to produce them. Roller blinds as the budget product are fabric, venetian blinds meanwhile are produced from wood, bamboo, PVC and aluminium. We recommend venetian blinds as a long-time solution as a window covering. Thanks to being made from horizontal slats they offer great performance and easy cleaning. They are also a great solution as for every interior even more demanding like kitchen or bathroom blinds. Thanks to water and moisture resistance especially from PVC, aluminium and bamboo blinds they will be a perfect match for every space. Quality and design of horizontal blinds is way better than roller blinds which are more basic and budget solution. Order wooden or bamboo venetian blinds and enjoy a natural and timeless experience in your interiors!

10. What kind of blinds are on ClickforBlinds?

ClickforBlinds offers an incredibly wide range of window covering products. Select from real wood, bamboo, PVC or aluminium venetian blinds at affordable prices. Looking for different solutions? We also offer roman, pleated, vertical, roller and blackout blinds. All our products are offered as made-to-measure blinds with vast customisation options. We also offer free delivery and free samples for all products.

11. Which are better shutters or venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular windows covering on the market. If you want to compare them with shutters you will need to look at their properties. Venetians are easier to mount and dismount, shutters can be difficult to fit. Also, they cannot be completely raised. But most important will be their price which can be more expensive than venetian blinds.

12. What is the difference between pleated blinds and venetian blinds?

Pleated blinds are often selected thanks to their unique design. Unfortunately, their performance and open/close and worse than venetian blinds. Venetian blinds can work fine in every environment even wet and humid ones – it depends on the material of the slats of the horizontal blinds. They also offer more options to control sunlight with the option to tilt blinds slats. That will allow you to let only a bit of sun into your interior.

13. What are the cheapest venetian blinds?

The cheapest venetian blinds are the ones made from aluminium and PVC (faux wood). They will look good in every type of the room.

14. What is the best place to buy blinds?

As ClickforBlinds we offer over 15 years of experience in the blinds market. In our online shop, you will find affordable and cheap blinds. Every product is made-to-measure. Thanks to vast customisation options you will create perfect window blinds for your interior.

15. How much do blinds cost?

The price of every order is presented after you will create your made-to-measure blinds. The final cost will depend on the selected blind type and additional features such as cloth tapes and others. We have a wide range of collections: from budget ones (faux-wood and aluminium blinds) to great quality at a right price (bamboo and wooden blinds) and premium ones like Abachi or Rustica collections.

16. What are the standard sizes of blinds?

There are no standard sizes of blinds. ClickforBlinds offers products for smaller and larger windows (wooden blinds in up to 360 cm width, bamboo blinds in 300 cm width, aluminium blinds in 400 cm width). Check our configurator and measurement instructions available in the measurement section.

17. How to mount a blind?

If you select blinds from ClickforBlinds you can check the installation manuals available at each product site and in the installation section on our page. You will find their information on how to mount every one of our blinds. This is fairly easy process – vast majority of our customers have no problems with installing blinds. Larger blinds may require additional support when mounting due to the size and weight.

18. How do I clean my blinds?

Each blind should be cleaned in different ways to keep its non-disturbing performance and not damage them. One of the easiest blinds to clean are venetian ones when often the only thing to clean them is a dry cloth.

19. Which is more expensive wooden or aluminium blinds?

Wooden blinds are more expensive than aluminium because of the real wood that has to be used to produce blinds. Thanks to ordering wooden blinds you gain exclusive and natural addition to your interior. Aluminium blinds are also good to pick especially in demanding spaces like bathrooms or kitchens. Thanks to their water and moisture resistance they will work very well and for many years.