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Faux-Wood Blinds

Our line of faux wood venetian blinds are perfect 50mm slat venetian blinds made from pvc that has wood grain look. The material is stronger and more durable than natural wood used for wooden venetian blinds. Our faux wood venetian blinds are made to your exact measurements in 12 different colours.

Go for Venetian blinds imitating wood in house and office spaces

Internal faux-wood Venetian blinds made of PVC are an excellent idea to maintain consistent and uniform aesthetics in all household rooms. Such coverings are ideal for living and sleeping rooms, gently filtering the light and protecting our privacy from the glances of neighbours and random passers-by. Faux-wood Venetian blinds made of PVC are also an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens – the extremely durable and robust material is resistant to water and temperature changes. With these qualities, even if you want to install the blinds on the window by the bathtub or the kitchen sink, you can be sure that they will impress with their impeccable appearance for many years.

In addition, faux-wood Venetian blinds made of PVC stand out for their special way of filtering the light – they do not provide complete blackout of rooms, but gently diffuse the light, giving an exceptionally subtle effect. Such functionality makes them one of the most popular choice among entrepreneurs. In the office spaces, internal Venetian blinds ensure proper access to natural light and, at the same time, protect monitors against the sunlight and glare, which effectively facilitates work in front of a computer screen.

Faux-wood PVC blinds – decoration of every interior

Are you looking for a durable replacement for wooden Venetian blinds, but do not want to give up the aesthetic standard offered by the natural material? Choose faux-wood blinds made of PVC – this solution combines an impeccable appearance, remarkably similar to real wood, and exceptional durability of the highest quality material. You can choose from a wide product range offering a variety of models with four slat widths and a rich colour palette, the patterns of which are based on different types of wood. With such a rich offer, you will certainly choose your dream coverings and decorate any interior.

Faux-wood Venetian blinds for windows will look great in any interior design. It is an excellent choice for rooms decorated in the modern industrial style – grey, cool shades will emphasise the austere nature of the space, while bright, warmer colours will be a counterbalance to other furnishings and will give the interior a cosy look. Faux-wood Venetian blinds will also be a perfect addition to arrangements inspired by the eclectic boho style. The look imitating natural material will fit into the exotic atmosphere of the space and create a coherent whole with ethnic decorative accents.

Faux-wood Venetian blinds made of PVC for windows and doors

If you are looking for window coverings that will allow you to create a coherent and uniform window space in every room, opt for made-to-measure PVC faux-wood Venetian blinds. With the possibility to choose a product cut to individual size, Venetian blinds can be successfully installed both on small windows as well as large balcony doors. You can easily adapt the faux-wood Venetian blind for doors to any door opening system and install it all by yourself. The application of such a solution significantly affects the functionality of the window space at the terrace. Faux-wood Venetian blinds for doors protect against the sun rays and significant heat build-up in rooms, ensuring comfort and convenience for the users of the room.

Internal faux-wood Venetian blinds – which installation method should I choose?

Faux-wood Venetian blinds can be installed on the window frame or the window pane using a non-invasive or invasive method. Installation on the window pane is an excellent idea for larger windows and sliding balcony doors. On the other hand, mounting the cover directly to the window frame will allow for a higher level of room darkening, eliminating gaps and ensuring privacy. The installation on the window frame can be done using permanent, non-invasive fastenings or by drilling holes and screwing the blind to the frame.

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