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Vertical blinds can be fabric or blackout type – we offer both in numerous colours. Custom made Vertical blinds can be built to very large sizes and are universal, they are suitable for office and living-rooms – all depending on interior design and customer preferences. They enable easy control of light filtering into room while allowing full privacy.

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Vertical blinds – perfect for large glazed areas

Vertical blinds are one of the most frequently selected coverings for large glazed areas, which are often used in modern construction. Large window surfaces and non-standard shapes are distinguished by their modernist look. They illuminate interiors, providing continuous contact with the surroundings. Yet, they expose the rooms to a lot of sunlight and do not protect privacy. That is why it is so important to install appropriate vertical blinds. Such a solution not only guarantees proper protection from the sun rays but also protects from the sight of passers-by or neighbours. These coverings are perfect for the summer season, dominated by high temperatures. Internal vertical blinds prevent the rooms from heating up and provide a feeling of pleasant coolness in the interiors. The special design of the vertical blind allows precise adjustment of the angle of deflection of the blind and regulation of the amount of light penetrating the room.

Blackout or fabric vertical blind – which one to choose?

When choosing vertical window blinds, it is worth taking into account the specifics of the place of installation and the effect we want to achieve. If we care about the maximum protection from natural and artificial light and want to minimise heating of the room, blackout vertical blinds are a good choice. It is a perfect solution for rooms facing south, bedrooms, and children’s rooms – it will ensure comfortable conditions for rest at any time of day. Fabric blinds are perfect for the living room and kitchen, where the effect of delicate light diffusion is important. Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that the vertical blind will be easy to install on the wall or ceiling and that maintenance will be simple and will save you a lot of valuable time.

Internal window vertical blinds – for offices and homes

Internal vertical blinds are an excellent choice for houses and flats with a modernist architectural plan and large glazed areas. You can successfully install them in bedrooms, living rooms, halls, and even in rooms that are particularly exposed to humidity and temperature changes, such as kitchens and bathrooms. By choosing the blinds made of PVC or aluminium you can be sure that they will be resistant to moisture and will not cease to impress with their impeccable appearance for many years. Made-to-measure blinds are perfect for large doors and terrace windows. Balcony vertical blinds can be easily adjusted to any space and opening system.

Vertical striped blinds are also a reliable choice for office and commercial spaces. While using them, you can protect the interior from excessive sunlight and heat, ensuring fully comfortable conditions for employees. Vertical blinds for the office are an indispensable element of any open-space type interior, where many people work simultaneously. The coverings protect computer screens from the sun rays and prevent from annoying reflections.

Go for aesthetic perfection and choose vertical window blinds

Vertical strip blinds are not only exceptionally functional and useful but also represent the highest aesthetic standard and designer look. From a wide range of models, materials, designs, and colours, you are sure to find a cover that will meet all your expectations. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for fabric or PVC vertical blinds. The selected coverings can be easily matched to any design style. Fabric vertical blinds in bright, subdued colours will look beautiful in classic interiors, emphasising their elegant and chic character. Blinds in a warm shade will enhance a rustic decor, while a cool colour will complement spaces decorated in the Scandinavian style. Vertical blinds in the shade of deep black will perfectly match with modern arrangements.

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