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Our made-to-measure Roman blinds come classic made of two types of material: bamboo or fabric, hung on a wooden or metal headrail. Both types have the same elegant and stylish looks that adds great to the window. Roman blinds are so universal that can be used in any home environment: living-room, bedroom, kitchen etc., multiple patterns and colors will match various decors.

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Replace unfashionable curtains with Roman blinds

The Roman blind is one of the most frequently selected window covering, which can successfully be an alternative to traditional curtains. This solution is distinguished by a special design and mechanism of operation – the blinds are made of horizontal, fabric pleats which bend into parallel folds when slid. They are regulated, as traditional roller blinds, using a string or cord. Owing to such functionalities, fabric roller blinds ensure full control over the level of insolation of rooms and the amount of light coming in.

Ready-made Roman blinds provide excellent protection of privacy and shield against natural and artificial light. Depending on your preferences and the specifics of the room, you may decide to choose blackout roller blinds that provide almost 100% protection from the sunlight or fabric coverings with standard light transmission. The possibility to adjust the level of shading to the needs makes it easy to find a roller blind that will work in every space of your home. Furthermore, Roman blinds represent the highest aesthetic standard with a wide range of offered designs, models, and colours.

Fabric Roman blinds for the kitchen and living room

Are you looking for a solution that will gently filter the light, creating appropriate conditions for enjoying your home space even during hot weather but you do not want to fully black out your interiors? Go for fabric Roman blinds that gently diffuse the sun rays, making it easier to function every day and relax in the afternoon. The made-to-measure Roman blindfor the kitchen is a perfect way to practically arrange a small, cramped room – the blind will not take up much space, and the minimalist design will not overwhelm the small area. Warm, cheerful shades will look best in kitchen interiors – they will emphasise the cosy character of the room and make preparing meals even more pleasant.

In the living room, subdued, uniform colours will work best – they will match any decor and create a harmonious atmosphere of calm that encourages relaxation. One of the most universal choices are grey Roman blinds – they will add splendour to both minimalist modern arrangements and interiors decorated according to the classic elegance. If your living room often serves as a guest room, it is a good idea to choose the blackout roller blind, which will provide your guests with the highest level of comfort and night rest (it works well on both windows and balcony doors).

Blackout Roman blinds for bedrooms and children’s rooms

The blackout Roman blinds are an excellent choice for bedroom interiors. Owing to special materials, these covers fully protect against the sun rays and the glow of streetlights and cars. Such a solution will appeal especially to people who have trouble falling asleep and are disturbed by the light coming from behind the window. It is best to choose bright, delicate shades for bedroom spaces – they create a harmonious atmosphere and will fit in with any decor. A white Roman blind will look great in bedrooms decorated according to the artistic boho style and in Scandinavian-inspired decorations.

A blackout Roman blind will be perfect for the children’s room. It will provide the right conditions for the child to rest at any time of day or night, and the blackout fabric will protect not only from the light but also from heating the room.

Ready-made Roman blinds – the essence of functionality and usefulness

Roman blinds are an extremely useful and practical solution. They stand out from other coverings for their simple installation and easy care. It is up to you whether you install your Roman blinds in a window recess or on the wall. Also noteworthy is the affordable price of the coverings – inexpensive Roman blinds will not limit your choice and will not strain your household budget.

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