Cleaning blinds


Everybody wants to have their window coverings for many years, whether it is blinds, curtains or shutters. That is why it is so important to take care of them to keep them in a great shape for a long time. One of the ways of doing this is cleaning blinds them from dust and grease. Remember that you have to do it properly, which we are gonna present in this article. Check our tips, tricks and inspirations on how to do it!

  • Everybody wants sun protection and as much privacy as possible. That is why window coverings are more and more popular in many houses. No matter if you haveblinds, shutters or curtains, every window covering will collect dirt, dust or grease. This makes them not only less stylish but also less effective. There are many ways to clean them but not every method is appropriate for every window covering.
  • Check every window covering before you buy it. Each type and material will require different approach for cleaning. Some of them will be easy to clean with just dry cloth glove or a feather duster. But it won’t work for every window covering due to different materials used.
  • Window coverings are mostly cleaned with water or detergent and cloth. Venetian blinds are quite simple to clean. Use feather duster, cloth or vacuum cleaner with brushing attachment to clean them from dirt and dust. If you need more information about cleaning blinds, see details below!

  1. How to clean blinds?
  2. Cleaning wooden venetian blinds
  3. Cleaning bamboo venetian blinds
  4. Cleaning aluminium and PVC venetian blinds
  5. Remember to clean your blinds regularly!
  6. FAQ

How to clean blinds?

There are many ways of cleaning blinds. Easiest way will be to use a dry fabric cloth, feather duster or vacuum cleaner with an attached soft brush. This will help with cleaning your blinds from dust and can be used for any type of blinds. If you want to clean grease or dirt then you will need to use warm water or wet wipes for example. But remember this solution will not work for all the blinds as you may damage some of them especially when you use detergents. Of course, if you are using water and you are scared that you will spill it on a wall or window you can disassemble them and do it for example in the bathtub. For big, non-standard blinds you can hire professionalists to clean them - if you are not sure about doing it yourself. Remember to not overuse water – wet cloth will be enough for most dirt on venetian blinds.

Cleaning wooden venetian blinds

Our made-to-measure wooden blinds are one of the most popular window coverings on the market. Their natural design makes them an ideal choice for most interiors. Thanks to being made from horizontal slats you don’t need much time to clean them. Most suitable method of cleaning will be a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Wooden blinds work well in dry and well-ventilated interiors. You can use wet wipes to clean grease or stains but using water can damage blinds and shorten their lifetime.

Cleaning bamboo venetian blinds

Bamboo blinds are one of the bestselling products on the market, selected for many interiors as window decorations. Their natural and timeless design makes them a perfect match for many houses. Their cleaning is also easy. All you will need is to tilt the slats in one direction to clean them. The way of cleaning will be the same for wooden blinds but you can use a bit of water because these blinds are water and moisture-resistant.

Cleaning aluminium and PVC venetian blinds

Aluminium and PVC blinds such as faux-wood or wood-effect are often selected by customers due to their water and moisture resistance.They are also good value-to-money products. They are easy to clean. Thanks to their properties you can clean them with water without damaging them.

Remember to clean your blinds regularly!

Keeping your blinds clean is important because dirt, grease or dust can negatively affect your blinds condition and their maintenance. What is more important, you will have to spend more time, detergents or water. Clean your window covering once every 1-2 weeks to get longer maintenance time. Do it with a dry cloth or fabric to take care of dust and wet wipes for stains and grease. If you have blinds on big, non-standard windows you can call for a professional company to help you with cleaning them.