Bamboo Venetians

Our Bamboo Venetian Blinds are made of natural bamboo material crafted to slim and thin slats - they are thin at 2mm but very strong. Unlike wooden venetian blinds, they are super matt finish, which gives them distingished touch. The overall effect will be NATURE present in your interior!
Like other venetian blinds, our bamboo venetians will allow full control of the sunlight coming through your window. They are practical and user-friendly too as they are resistant to humidity and water, and will not react by twisting or bending even if fitted in bathroom or kitchen window.

Made-to-measure bamboo Venetian blinds – to any interior

Bamboo Venetian blinds are an extremely universal solution that will work well in every room. The most obvious application seems to be in the living and bedroom interiors, where the blinds protect from the sun rays and provide comfort and privacy. Yet, bamboo Venetian blinds are also used in spaces particularly exposed to humidity and temperature changes. You can therefore successfully install such covers on windows near the bathtub and shower or kitchen sink – bamboo does not deform under the influence of water and steam, and you will enjoy the flawless appearance of blinds for many years. The resistance to water also significantly facilitates maintenance activities and makes the cleaning of bamboo Venetian blinds pleasant and saves a lot of your valuable time.

In addition, bamboo Venetian blinds are among the lightest window coverings, which makes them much easier to control and their installation will not weigh down the window or wall. Therefore, you can easily install them even on a small bathroom window, where they will not take up much space and will not overwhelm the small interior.

Bamboo Venetian blinds – the essence of style and elegance

If you are looking for window coverings that will warm up dull and uncosy interiors and will make you think of holidays in faraway tropics, choose bamboo Venetian blinds. This solution is a perfect complement to arrangements inspired by exotic and oriental influences. The original design is sure to appeal to fans of the eclectic boho and colonial style. The bamboo will look great against earthy tones and will create a cohesive visual concept with other elements made of natural materials. To achieve a delightful effect, the bamboo Venetian blind should be combined with wicker furniture, thick Persian rugs, and woven macramé. This will be greatly complemented by rattan pots, green plant accents, and fabrics in ethnic patterns.

Contrary to what might seem, the bamboo Venetian blind is also an excellent decorative component of austere minimalist decors and richly decorated, elegant spaces. Depending on the aesthetic composition used, bamboo can give an arrangement a timeless chic or emphasise its unique, original character. From the wide selection of models and colours available, you can be sure to find bamboo Venetian blinds that will add splendour to any interior of your home.

Choose internal bamboo Venetian blinds and take care of the environment

When choosing decorative elements, do you pay attention not only to their functionality and aesthetics but also to the welfare of the environment? Your expectations in every respect will be met by bamboo Venetian blinds. This solution is extremely popular among environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for substitutes for covers made of synthetic materials. As a completely natural, widely available, and rapidly renewable resource, bamboo is a completely environmentally-friendly choice.

Bamboo Venetian blinds for balcony doors – a unique combination of practical and aesthetic functions

Made-to-measure bamboo Venetian blinds are a solution that will be perfect for the window spaces at the balcony or terrace. The possibility to choose custom sizes allows the coverings to be adapted to both large terrace windows as well as to doors with non-standard glazing sizes. Bamboo Venetian blinds for balcony doors play an important role in controlling the temperature in the interior – providing pleasant coolness in the summer and protecting against heat loss in the winter season. Bamboo effectively filters the sun rays to provide adequate shade and the controllable slats allow you to regulate the amount of light entering the room. What is more, the use of uniform bamboo Venetian blinds for balcony doors and windows will allow you to achieve a coherent and harmonious composition that will delight you with its beautiful appearance.

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