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Blackout Pleated Blinds

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Blackout pleated blinds – 100% blackout guarantee

Blackout pleats are made of a special material that is covered with a rubber layer on one side. This design provides 100% protection from both the sun rays and the glare of street lights. The structure using rubber-coated fabric also plays an important role in the thermal insulation of the interior – in summer it prevents the room from heating up and provides pleasant coolness, and in winter it protects against the loss of heat and provides additional protection against cold. Blackout blinds are an exceptionally ergonomic choice for residential, office, and commercial interiors. In addition to practical and useful functionalities, blackout blinds also ensure the highest aesthetic standard and impeccable visual effect. The wide range of different models will certainly meet all your expectations and allow you to find the cover of your dreams. You can easily integrate it into any decor and match it with other pieces of furniture.

Blackout blinds reflecting light – for residential interiors

Blackout pleated blinds, as their name suggests, are best suited for rooms where we wish to achieve the effect of a complete blackout. Such coverings are an excellent choice for bedroom interiors. They will certainly satisfy people who suffer from sleeping problems – appropriately selected roller blinds will prevent the light from penetrating the room and ensure the comfort of your night’s rest. At night, you will not be woken up by the lights of cars driving down the nearby street, and in the morning your sleep will not be interrupted by the first rays of the rising sun. Made-to-measure blackout blinds are also a great idea for bedrooms that have doors leading out to a terrace. Although large glazing is often associated with difficulties when it comes to selecting an appropriate covering, the possibility to adjust the sizes of the roller blind and the guarantee of full blackout provides the best solution to this problem.

The rubberised roller blinds will also be an excellent choice for the children’s room. They will provide comfortable conditions for the baby’s afternoon nap and night rest. Not only will they protect from the sunlight, but they will also take care of the right temperature in the room. They prevent the interiors from heating up and provide comfort and safety for the child.

Blackout pleated blinds for office interiors

The blackout pleated blind is suitable for both large office buildings and small company headquarters. It is the perfect solution for open-plan office spaces where many people work simultaneously. Appropriately selected roller blinds will ensure comfort for all employees, shielding them from the glaring sunlight and protecting monitors from overheating. Blackout roller blinds are also perfect for conference rooms, where presentations on large screens are often disturbed by sun reflections and glares. In this case, the coverings can also be installed on glass doors.

Rubberised roller blinds – opinions – why is it worth choosing them?

Blackout window blinds are a solution that is extremely easy to operate and pleasant to use. Controlling it does not require a standard string or cord – you can easily raise and lower the blind using convenient handles mounted on the upper and lower bar. The self-locking mechanism enables precise adjustment of the height and amount of light entering the room. The small size of blackout pleats allows them to be used in any window without causing difficulties when opening it. The possibility of non-invasive installation on special brackets makes that you will be able to do it successfully on your own, without the need to interfere with the structure of the window frame. The care and maintenance process is also uncomplicated – it does not require the use of specialised cleaning agents and does not take much time. Also noteworthy is the affordable price of blackout pleated blinds.

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